Who will have upper hand in a fight between Maha Zoldyck and Mereum?

Manta Ray
November 29, 2020 6:00 PM

"Not much is known about Maha Zoldyck, but with everything that’s known thus far, I would say Maha wins.Let's get down to the business and see that who comes out as a victor in a battle between two highly rated strongest characters in the series.Maha Zoldyck is the Grandfather or Zeno and potentially the Father of a character known as Zzigg Zoldyck. Zzigg Zoldyck is one of the two friends of Netero who traveled with him to explore the Dark Continent. It has been stated that Maha and Netero have fought before. Given timelines, I assume that when Netero fought Maha, Netero was in his prime. Now imagine the concept of Netero in his prime. When Netero fought Meruem, it was stated he was at around 20% power compared to his prime. In other words imagine approximately 5 times the power and capability he displayed against Meruem. That would be exceptionally powerful.

Now here’s the catch: Netero was commended for simply surviving the battle against Maha. That is, the best Netero in his prime was able to do against Maha was simply try to survive the fight. For something like this to occur, the opponent must be at least 4–5 times stronger than you. Plus, it could be that Maha just let Netero off considering he was friends with Zzigg. If so, Maha could be even stronger.

Thus Maha is 20 - 25 times stronger than when Netero fought Meruem. Even if we say he got weaker over time (we don’t know), due to being stronger he should feel the effects less. He would at least be 10 - 15 times stronger than the Netero who fought Meruem. Whereas, on the other hand Meruem if not the timely help from Youpi and Pouf he would have died by the last act of defiance of Netero. He barely escaped with his life from that battle. But he was strong enough to survive an explosion of Atom Bomb. So I reckon Maha would win against the Meruem of that time.  "

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