What is Zunesha's Crime? How it is connected with Joyboy? Explained.

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February 14, 2022 6:00 PM

One Piece chapter 1040 leaks and Spoilers have recently come out and a lofty idea of the part was What is Zunesha’s Crime? and its connection with JoyBoy and the wrongdoing he carried out in the past for which he’s being rebuffed. Aside from that, there’s likewise the likelihood that Zunesha was associated with the large conflict that happened 800 years prior.

In One Piece chapter 1040 spoilers, we likewise found out with regards to Big Mom’s loss against the pair of Law and Kid. In any case, the greatest center is connected with Zunesha, his starting points, and his association with JoyBoy. How about we examine what is Zunesha’s transgression and uncover a touch of the historical backdrop of One Piece.

We originally found out with regards to Zunesha being rebuffed for a wrongdoing he perpetrated in the past during the Zou bend. There was no notice of how far in the set of experiences he was engaged with the wrongdoing, however ongoing disclosures have uncovered that it is connected with the void century.

To no one’s surprise, when this data was uncovered, the One Piece people group began scratching their heads and flipping through the pages of all past parts to track down a sign. Today, we will list down probably the best hypotheses that the local area has concocted for this most recent uncover.

In the event that you could wind the clocks back to the Fishman Island arc, there was a discussion between Nico Robin and Neptune. Neptune educated Robin concerning a poneglyph that had a conciliatory sentiment from JoyBoy. In any case, the explanation was never determined nor referenced in the stone.

Presently fans are guessing that it could possibly be connected with Zunesha. Perhaps, JoyBoy had given Zunesha an assignment to find Fishman Island some place protected during the conflict 800 years prior, nonetheless, he couldn’t achieve it, consequently he was rebuffed. This appears as though an insane hypothesis and there’s tiny opportunity of it being genuine, yet, it’s something worth talking about to contemplate.

Zunehs ally of Joyboy


Through the expressions of Momonosuke, we learned in the new chapter that Zunesha was nakama of JoyBoy. It is additionally conceivable that he was the closes individual to JoyBoy, henceforth when they lost the conflict, the public authority exposed him to this discipline.

This sounds like the most conceivable hypothesis as individuals who could rebuff somebody related with JoyBoy could be from the public authority. In any case, making a goliath circle around vastly for quite a long time isn’t a customary thing. It must be somebody really impressive and somebody we haven’t been acquainted with yet.

What is Zunesha’s Crime? Is it Self Punishment?

Oda likes to toss folklore and strict imagery in the series. That could likewise be the situation with Zunesha. Perhaps, Zunesha had an assignment to convey every one of the Fishmen and Minks on the Noah and shield them from the conflict that happened 800 years prior. Be that as it may, he probably won’t need to ready to do as such.

To apologize for his transgressions, Zunesha might be conveying the minks clan on his back for such an extremely long time to conceal them from the grasp of the World Government. It very well may be the motivation behind why he generally continues to move with the goal that the public authority and others can’t follow the minks.

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