What if the Straw Hats were as strong as they are currently in Wano during Sabaody and went with Luffy to impel down Marineford?

Manta Ray
August 5, 2021 7:00 PM

One piece 1021 spoilers

I’m going to ignore impel down and just talk about Marineford.

The 3 admirals went EXTREMELY EASY THE ENTIRE FIGHT. We know factually that Akainu and Aokiji have awakenings for their devil fruits because of what happened at punk hazard

They fought for ten days straight and changed the entire landscape from the back lash of their battle. On top of this Haki wasn’t displayed much until after this when taught to a Luffy by Rayleigh. The same reason why Ace never used haki fighting Blackbeard or at marineford and we also have reason to believe the admirals already knew Advanced armament haki which Luffy has just learned. Kizaru probably has an awakening as well.

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Marineford is the most plot-protected arc in the entire series. The reason for this is foreshadowing and suspense, I remember googling haki because I was so damn curious, that I could not wait until they told us. Now I loved the Marineford arc, it was beautifully written BUT because of the fact our main character hadn’t progressed or had a time skip yet, Oda did not want to display Haki, Advanced armament haki(which allows you to attack without making contact), Devil fruit awakenings(allows you to affect other objects with your devil fruit not just your body), or Advanced observation haki( which allows you to see the future).

One piece 1021 spoilers are out- Click Link

If everyone from the Wano arc showed up at Marineford, The admirals would have Zero reasons to hold back. And they would’ve wiped the straw hats *sses like babies. The same thing would’ve happened where Trafalgar law/Shanks pirates/Whitebeard pirates would’ve covered for them protected them and pulled them out before they died. Akainu would’ve used his awakening and Ace still would’ve died.

Plot prevented them from using their actual abilities for the progress of the story and suspense of learning these incredibly awesome abilities.

Now let me add, currently the straw hats are approaching being “Honorary Yonko” by this I mean they are soon to be on par with them, as in they can hold their ground. But they are not as strong or stronger; the only reason they could beat yonkos are with support from each other, tactical retreats and resting.

Luffy took a nap during his fight with Doflamingo and Cracker. His stamina is improving but slowly, Meanwhile our admirals can fight for Ten days straight. The main reason the admirals are stronger is their awakenings, A Yonko who doesn’t have an awakening vs a Yonko who does have an awakening is a totally separate ball park. Luffy may be able to hold his ground with Kaido but when the environment itself starts turning into Lava or Light it’s much more volatile then facing doflamingo who turns the environment into strings.(One piece 1021 spoilers )

If the admirals didn’t have awakenings I would be much more confident in the Straw hats abilities if they teleported to Marineford arc now. The awakenings are why I think the straw hats would get crushed along with Advanced armament haki.

I repeat Marineford is the most plot protected arcs in One Piece.


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