What anime that deserve to be rated 10/10?

Manta Ray
December 9, 2020 6:00 PM

What anime do you think deserves to be rated 10/10?

Back in the heyday of the year 2004, i was first introduced with Anime. Back then it was Pokémon where I fell in love with this series and through nothing would enthrall me more than this, but i wrong and when i got the first opportunity to explore the Anime Universe, i was deeply mesmerized and felt immense bliss. Of all the Anime, I have watched, there are some Anime that I found to be apt and they deserve to be rated 10/10

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is and will remain as the anime that deserve to be rated 10/10 of all the anime. First of all its all characters are powerful as hell, and no-one can come close to even surpass them in strength (excluding few). The entire story arcs, plots and the fandom has made this series worth for watching and this is the only anime that any non-anime fan can also recognize it.

Hunter x Hunter

I don’t think I need to explain this, the anime is just amazing, the characters and story are rich and filled with information. If you haven’t watched it, do a favor to you self and check it out. Hisoka had been my all time favorite anime and I won't shy down from saying that this Anime is laced with some most powerful characters with a perfect laid down plots and Arcs. Making that anime that deserve to be rated 10/10

Code Geass

Another amazing anime but in different aspects. Code geass has it all, action, mystery, suspense, plot twists, little jokes left and right and on top of that it also has a truly amazing ending. Zero or Lelouch V Britannia, did everything that one expected a villain to do and was always at the receiving of fans and critics but in the end what he accomplished was far beyond any thing.

One piece

Even though it is huge don’t let that stop you from watching this amazing anime. The huge journey that you spend with all the characters is really going to pay off when Luffy finally becomes Pirate King and you would be with him from the start, you feel like you are apart of the crew. A contender for anime that deserve to be rated 10/10

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I have nothing bad to say about this anime, I love everything about it. There is not a single episode that feels slow or drawn out and literally everything is on point. The combination of both brothers and some formidable enemies made things worth for watching this show.


Next in the list for anime that deserve to be rated 10/10 is certainly Naruto. I am talking about the original and not shippuden here because after the five kage summit it took a turn for the worst. I also want to note that I didn’t watch any filler and instead I just skipped them since they are not cannon. I love Naruto and I relate to him a lot and when the series ended I felt like a proud dad watching his son succeed in life.

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Death Note

I know that the first 17 episodes where phenomenal and although the quality dropped after that but I still liked Near and how much of character development Light had. It was my first anime that I watched so nostalgia might play a factor, but I still put in the contention for anime that deserve to be rated 10/10.

Kuroko no basket 2nd season

As a basketball player myself I found the setting, story, characters amazing and really accurate of those in real life which made me like it even more. I especially loved the 2nd season because of Aomine vs Kagami “duelâ€. Just for you to know the “Zone†is real thing in basketball and not a superpower.

One Punch Man

To top it all off with the our bald headed hero that cares more about grocery shopping that actually defeating villains. Season one was the peak of comedy, action and fricking enjoyment.

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