Was there no Uchiha powerful enough to stop Itachi from slaughtering the clan?

Manta Ray
December 9, 2020 6:00 PM

There was just 1 Uchiha sufficiently able to bring Itachi down at this time(Well, In the tribe, I'm excluding Obito because Obito is in a real sense helping him in this, I'm additionally excluding Shisui because well he passed on for Sasuke's brother to get the Mangekyo whatnot)

The prominent individual who could've halted Itachi is his dad, Fugaku.

While we never indeed observed Fugaku in real battle, He is supposed to be an opponent to Minato, and even nicknamed ""Fugaku of the evil eye"". Itachi himself even level out says Fugaku will be the most testing part of this mission. It's even far-fetched that Itachi would win either. However, we don't have a clue what Fugaku can genuinely do so supposition that is truly that, an outlandish presumption.

Presently, Even on the off chance that it was visible to everyone, Fugaku aside, And expecting Fugaku resembled not an Issue at all, There would be nobody sufficiently able to beat his son I question there would be any distinction. We seen vast numbers of the Uchiha group wakeful battling and getting slaughtered by Itachi, he was tremendously alliances above every other person. Related Article: Why is Kakashi weak against pain but not Obito? Even though battling the whole family could be a slight issue, I sincerely don't figure it would wind up making a difference, and the main problem is fortifications from Konoha, etc. would be a more genuine worry to Itachi than only his group. In any case, Even if Fugaku slaughtered Itachi and chose to not show benevolence to his child and let him execute him, Uchiha faction is still great screwed notwithstanding.

Even Fugaku is likely no match at all to Obito, nothing is preventing Obito from killing everybody, Not a damn thing. Except if Obito just chose ""Hello since Itachi is dead I'm too exhausted to even consider keeping doing this"" and leave. But if Obito keeps up the butcher, Well they are done, they are screwed, Royally screwed, There is anything but a solitary way they can beat Obito. Also Read: Boku no Hero Academia spoilers 294


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