Vanica Zogratis: Member of Dark Triad of Spade Kingdom

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December 28, 2020 6:00 PM

I want to get all fired up with the tough guys who manage to survive in a place like that. Humans who are weak enough to die don't interest me.-Vanica Zogratis

Vanica Zogratis is an individual from the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad and the host of the fiend Megicula.

Vanica is a lady with medium-length, dark hair. Her most eminent component is an eyepatch covering her right eye and decorated with a gold spade image.

Vanica Zogratis is an energetic person who appreciates doing gaudy things for her delight. She despises being exhausted and is inclined to envy. She gets a kick out of the chance to battle individuals who are in acceptable condition since she accepts that it is more enjoyable than battling more vulnerable adversaries. Vanica likewise has a similar obtuse manner and demeanor as her kindred Dark Triad individuals.

Vanica is unfeeling toward and cavalier of her dedicated devotees. When they express a debt of gratitude for restoring them, she believes their words to be nonsense and are immaculate by their tremendous reliability and love to her.
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Vanica Zogratis Abilites

Vanica Zogratis

Blood Magic: Vanica utilizes this sorcery property to produce and control blood

Revile Warding Magic: Vanica utilizes this wizardry property to make ground-breaking curses. She has reviled her Dark Disciples to revive consistently.

Immense Magic Power: As a fallen angel has, Vanica has a gigantic measure of wizardry power. He effectively hinders Sea Dragon's Roar, an amazingly great spell that could get through a few dividers, even harmed the soul of fire and didn't think of it as a legitimate assault.

Strength: Vanica Zogratis has mind-boggling power. She can hammer a huge man into the ground and puncture his shoulder with her boot.

Fallen angel Possessed: As an individual from the Dark Triad, Vanica is host to one of the most elevated positioning villains, Megicula, who gives her colossal force. She can utilize around 70% of the fallen angel's capacity. Megicula has wizardry power better than Zagred, who is more grounded than the Clover Kingdom's commanders and the Elf Tribe's missionaries.


Vanica Zogratis has a spade grimoire that contains different blood-based enchantment spells.


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