Top Popular possible anime crossover matchups

Manta Ray
November 24, 2020 6:00 PM

"Popular possible anime crossover matchups

  1. Erza vs Esdeath

At no 8 position in Popular possible anime crossover matchups, I would put the battle between Erza and Esdeath. Now, now who wouldn’t love to see the clash between two hotties. Seriously both of them are one heck of a swordswoman and sure possess a lot of magical powers. Erza is quite proficient in her equip magic and possesses the considerate amount of skills with her blade, on the other hand, Esdeath is the most feared female character. If I had to start a new list I would certainly rank her at the top of the list. Apart from her sword skills, she also does possess powers of that of Ice.

  1. Zoro vs Ichigo

Both are badass characters in their respective series and have put on a great show at the display by their supreme talent in battle. But the real thing that I want to see is that the Shinigami going all out against the Demon Zoro. Now the things are really getting interesting. Zoro is infamous in the world of One piece as a fierce rookie who ain’t afraid of nothing and is monster in terms of power and raw strength. Whereas Ichigo is a Shinigami whose job is to lay waste to monsters, is he really up to his job?

  1. Luffy vs Naruto

The two main characters of their own respective series, they both are multifaceted and quite opposite of each other when we talk about their personality. Among them, Luffy is more juvenile and reckless as he likes to battle head-on and doesn’t follows any kind of strategies. There are those moments also when he doesn’t follow his own tactics and strategy. On the other hand, Naruto is a calm and well-composed guy. He is quite efficient in strategy making and analyzes his opponents and fights according to that. I would certainly buy front row tickets to watch this unique matchup.

  1. Meliodas vs Goku

Meliodas and Goku both are famous for their inconsolable strength and an innumerable amount of powers and thus make them get ranked in Popular possible anime crossover matchups list. It’s like there is no end to their source of powers. Goku is a lazy and cheerful guy who gains momentum and powers on his pure base of talent and with the intensity level of the battles. While Meliodas’s heritage being of a demon makes sure that he gets a constant supply of powers without any hindrances.

  1. Gildarts vs Shanks

I first watched one piece and later on moved on to watch Fairy Tail. The first time Gildarts was introduced as the most powerful Mage of fairy tail, his appearance certainly reminded me of shanks. They both have the same build-up and even carry the same personality. Both of them are regarded as the powerhouses and have little but important screen times. So a battle between these two mighty men would surely bring a lot of fans at the edge of their seats to witness this meticulous fight.

  1. Light vs Lelouch

If talking about the two most eccentric, mysterious and intellect characters in anime universe. Their adroitness is well attributed and with their brain power sure made an impact on the mindsets of fans. I would certainly admit this that after watching them atop the pioneer of their shows certainly made me think to pursue a career in detective! A clash between two greatest brains would sure unfold many exciting moments for the fandom.

  1. Escanor vs Saitama

I was really confused regarding its placement in the list. Witnessing battle like this would certainly mean that I had done some good deeds in my present and previous life because these battles come once in a decade. Escanor a man of utmost pride and, Saitama?? Ugh, anyways he doesn’t care to who he is fighting. There might be a possibility that both of them just end up staring at each other and going their respective way without taking the trouble to fight.

  1. Goku vs Saitama

Topping the list of Popular possible anime crossover matchups is no surprise. There was an animated fan battle where I witnessed a short brawl between Goku and Saitama, and let me tell you guys that I was really impressed by the fight. Goku who is regarded as the strongest in the entire world was really impressed by the strength and speed of Saitama. The match didn’t end up top the climax but still, it left a deep mark on me and I lauds for this clash of Titan to again unfold. "

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