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If you are into psychological horror, you will want to check out Death Note. This Japanese anime series revolves around the psychological torment of its main characters. It follows L and Light as they become involved in an unlikely relationship.

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February 16, 2023 6:00 PM

Though it's rare, psychological anime is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys action-packed thrillers. In addition, they usually tackle mature themes, making them a great choice for those who seek something that will tear them up and leave them in a state of shock. But before you can start binging on this genre, you should know that the season's offerings are slim. So, what should you look out for? Read on to discover which series is best for a chilling psychological drama!

15. From the New World

When it comes to psychological anime, there are several great choices. Utena is one of the most famous and ground-breaking coming-of-age stories. It explores heavy themes while turning fairy tales on their heads. It also draws inspiration from real-world philosophers. This series is both fun and profound. If you love anime and philosophy, you will find it interesting.

In the first episode, a group of smart children discovers the dark truth about the orphanage where they've been raised. So they plan to escape to free the children. Meanwhile, an intelligent high school student embarks on a crusade to eliminate criminals, but she isn't sure what to believe. Finally, she learns that anyone's name can be written in a notebook, and whoever finds the notebook will die.

14. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a fascinating blend of horror and psychology among the best psychological anime series. The plot revolves around the protagonist Ken Kaneki, a shy schoolboy who accidentally meets a ghoul girl on a date. As a result, the boy, or Ken Kaneki becomes a half-ghoul who must eat human flesh to survive. The series is considered one of the best anime series and is definitely worth watching.

The series starts with the opening sequence, a count-down in sevens from one thousand. Then, we see Rin Okumura create intense blue flames at the end. The anime's plot isn't as violent as Tokyo Ghoul, but it still tells a decent story. It has many good points, including the strong characters and excellent storyline. Tokyo Ghoul is a masterpiece in its own right.

13. Neon Genesis Evangelion

The series takes apart its projects' injuries while exposing them to heightening torture and researching the aggravation that accompanies human association. It's additionally very ruthless; the savagery isn't straightforward animation brutality. It's horrendous, spontaneous, and startling.

At 14 years of age, his father carried Shinji Ikari to the city of Neo Tokyo-3 following a long time of division. He hesitantly recognizes the task of transforming into the pilot of a goliath robot by the name EVA01 and safeguarding the world from the bewildering intruders known as "angels." Even however he on and on questions why he has recognized this mission from his distanced and cold father, his doing as such, helps him with gradually enduring himself. Nonetheless, why are the holy messengers going after them, and what his dad's actual goals are yet to be unwound.

12. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent is worth checking out if you like horror films and TV series. It is a satirical look at commercialism and the human tendency toward paranoia and fear. The characters in Paranoia Agent are portrayed with great personalities and charm, which will have you laughing every time you watch them. It also contains some of the best character stories of all time. Here are some of the reasons why this series is one of the best anime series.

11. Terror in Resonance

Among the best psychological anime, Terror in Resonance is a must-see. The story revolves around two teenage brothers who steal an atomic bomb prototype. Both boys are survivors of atrocious human experimentation, and they are developed into human weapons. These brothers are determined to stop these boys and keep the world safe. As they do so, they will encounter many dangers. However, they must stay alive to achieve their goals.

In this spooky thriller, an impostor is trying to control the world, causing chaos. However, a powerful new technology allows the team to take on any challenge. The group eventually reaches the goal of saving the world by battling the Demon God. However, it is only a temporary victory because the world will be destroyed if they fail. However, the journey will leave you shook and scared, and Terror in Resonance is definitely worth watching.

10. Perfect Blue

In this season of Japanese anime Perfect Blue, the main protagonist Mima is a J-Pop singer who has left the band.

While she seems dedicated to protecting Mima, Rumi is unhappy that she's losing the persona she wants. Rumi is a former pop idol who transitioned to manage entertainers. She tries to recapture her glory days by making Mima into a pop idol. However, when she realizes that Mima wants to go back to her former life, she loses her grip on reality.

Nonetheless, Mima's life starts to change definitely after her takeoff from the gathering. Needing to shed her pop-symbol picture, she takes on a job in a wrongdoing dramatization series. Her profession as an entertainer progressively becomes intense and burdening for Mima and her administrator, Rumi Hidaka. To add to Mima's developing anxiety, a fixated fan unequipped to tolerate that Mima has stopped being a guiltless icon starts following her; another mysterious site imitates her existence with many-sided detail; and CHAM! Additionally seems, by all accounts, to be improving without her. Individually, each upsetting advancement drives Mima to fly off the handle and become unfit to recognize reality from their dream.

09. Serial Experiments Lain

If you're a fan of advanced psychological mysteries, Serial Experiments Lain should be on your list. The story follows Lain as she closes one world and opens a new one, and it explores philosophical themes such as communication and identity. Fans of this series have praised its originality, and its depiction of a world where paranoia is rampant and extra dependence on technology is the norm.

The first episode of the series features the titular character, a shy and quiet fourteen-year-old junior high school student. However, the story quickly shifts as she gains multiple personalities in the physical and Wired worlds and gains more friends. She also discovers that she's an autonomous sentient computer program designed to breach the invisible barrier between the real world and the Wired. As she discovers the secretive nature of her existence, she begins to question her existence.

08. Erased

If you are looking for the best psychological anime, you've probably already seen Erased on MAL. It was the hottest show on the market when it first came out. First of all, it's well worth the wait. This intense psychological thriller will have you up late at night watching it.

The anime is not depressing or dramatic, but it is very intense and focuses on the main storyline without veering into sub-plots that don't contribute to the plot. Unlike much other psychological anime, this series highlights the dark side of human nature. The series also explores various aspects of bullying and animal abuse. And it's an excellent watch for any age group.

07. Death Parade

If you are looking for an anime that can make you feel like you are experiencing the afterlife, Death Parade might be the right choice. This series plays with the very nature of human beings and the trials we face as we pass from this life to the next. While the characters in the series are distinctly human, this does not make them completely evil. Instead, the series shows how these characters can be driven to madness if they fail to live up to their potential.

Both Angel Beats and Death Parade deal with death, moral judgments, and other things that make life and death decisions difficult. While Angel Beats is more graphic, Death Parade is far more emotional and creative. Both show the dark side of life and explore the meaning of life. The characters are well-drawn, and the plot is intriguing. In the end, both series are excellent options for psychological anime lovers. While Angel Beats is more graphic than Death Parade, it is still an excellent choice for viewers who enjoy anime with dark themes and a good story.

06. Monster

There are plenty of choices for those who love a good, psychological anime and Monster is one of them.

Dr. Kenzou Tenma, a tip-top neurosurgeon as of late drawn into his emergency clinic chief's little girl, is well en route to rising the medical clinic progressive system. But, one evening, a little occasion changes Dr. Tenma's life until the end. While planning to do a medical procedure on somebody, he gets a call from the emergency clinic chief advising him to switch patients and, on second thought, perform life-saving cerebrum, a medical practice on a popular entertainer. His kindred specialists, life partner, and the clinic chief praise his achievement, but since the switch, an unfortunate migrant laborer is dead, causing Dr. Tenma to have an emergency soul.

Nine years some other time when Dr. Yet again Tenma recoveries the existence of a lawbreaker, his previous returns to cause significant problems for him —he encounters the beast he worked on. He should now set out on a mission of pursuit to set things straight for the destruction spread by the one he saved.

05. Ergo Proxy

If you enjoy science fiction, you'll love Ergo Proxy. The sci-fi anime follows a mechanized human weapon that sets out to use her abilities for good. But, she meets an equally powerful rival who wants to take advantage of her newfound powers. The plot is layered, and while it's initially complex, it ultimately grows into a psychologically profound and self-aware drama. A fantastic opening theme sets the tone for a series that explores the dark side of life.

The plot of Ergo Proxy is as compelling as its storyline, which revolves around a young woman's relationship with an android. Initially, her relationship with the AutoReivs is rocky, but she's eventually reconciled with them, and the show becomes one of the most memorable episodes. As a result, fans won't soon forget the storyline. In addition, the emotional toll that Ergo Proxy takes on the characters makes this a compelling watch.

04. Steins: Gate

Steins: Gate's loaded with fun visual contacts are classily planned and vivified. It is setting in Tokyo's Akihabara area - a Mecca for everything electronic and nerdy - is ideal for its otaku-educated story, while its personality plans are splendid and unmistakable.

Rintaro Okabe is a self-broadcasted "insane lab rat" who accepts that a global association is plotting to reshape the world as indicated by its advantages. He and his companion Itaru Hashida incidentally make a gadget ready to send messages to the past. This instrument's revelation and trial and error become the impetus of central modifications to the present. Negligent of the results of their activities, Rintaro, and his companions wind up making changes of appalling extents. He should then attempt to figure out how to return as close as conceivable to the first course of events to save his valuable lab individuals.

03. Psycho-Pass

Psychological anime have a reputation for making viewers think. In addition to being intense, these shows explore more mature and complex themes than most of the usual anime, same goes with Psycho-Pass.

Justice, and its implementation, have changed. In the 22nd hundred years, Japan upholds the Sibyl System, a goal method for deciding the danger level of every resident by inspecting their psychological state for indications of an unlawful purpose, known as their Psycho-Pass. Assessors maintain the law by oppressing, frequently with deadly power, anybody holding onto the smallest malevolence; close by them are Enforcers, tainted Inspectors that have become inactive crooks, truly relative opportunity in return for completing the Inspectors' messy work.

Into this world advances Akane Tsunemori, a young lady with a fair longing to maintain equity. Notwithstanding, as she works close by veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami, she before long discovers that the Sibyl System's decisions are not quite as impressive as her kindred Inspectors expect. With all that she has known flipped completely around, Akane grapples with the subject of what equity is and whether it very well may be maintained using a framework that may currently be bad.

02. Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion

This episode of the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion focuses on the brutality of a young leader. Although he has been known for his cold demeanor, Lelouch is a very kind and loving older brother to his sister, Nunnally. Furthermore, Lelouch cares deeply for his subordinates, and he even shows a preference for Kallen. The show's recurring themes of self-destruction, betrayal, and violence narrate the character's path of self-destructiveness, and its characters develop due to the character's traumatic experiences.

A good sci-fi anime is the Code Geass series, well-known for its complex plot. Lelouch, a prince who has been raised in a nation destroyed by the Holy Empire of Britannia, must overcome obstacles and lead a rebellion against the oppressive empire. Fans of psychological warfare will appreciate this series.

01. Death Note

The psychological aspects of the series are incredibly engaging and captivating. In short, Death Note is one of the best psychological anime you can watch. If you love mystery, action, and twists, you'll love this series.

The plot of Death Note is a well-crafted thriller about human nature and personality. The mysterious figure known as Kira is accompanied by a strange phenomenon that riles people from all walks of life. L, or Lawliet one of the smartest detective in the world, took the case in his hand and was on a manhunt top find the Kira. He has a hunch that Light Yagami was the person he was looking for, and that was revealed quite early in the series.

The entire series revolves around the mind game between Light and L, whop are in a constant stiff. The series was well supported by Misa Amani, Ryuk, Rem, N, M and the core group who was investigating the case.

The series' ending is one of the most affecting psychological anime ever, and you'll find yourself humming the theme throughout your viewing.

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