Top 10 sword fights in Anime

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November 24, 2020 6:00 PM

"Top 10 sword fights

  1. Guts vs Griffith

A fight between the likes of Guts and Griffith sure means business. Guts is ranked among the best swordsman to have ever existed in the anime universe and his skills had skyrocketed to a new level. It was foolish for Griffith who actually fought Guts despite knowing that, how much he struggles he would still not the one to put Guts down in the grave. He was lucky that Guts didn’t kill him and he escaped with his life.

  1. Saber vs assassin

Saber’s victory against the assassins was really unexpected. Saber is strong and possesses great skills in the swordsmanship but her victory at the crucial moment proved that her intensity level and intelligence sure defies all odds. Saber successfully was able to predict and prepare with her vision seeing herself fall to all the three attacks before even assassin struck.

  1. Kirito vs Eiji

Well, the exact reason Eiji killed or stopped Kirito just at the start of the movie, as he ran out of time before he could do that and just wanted to contemplate how weak “the greatest swordsman†has become. Anyways whatever the reasons were it was still thrilling seeing both of them going at each other with blades and letting us feat our eyes on the euphoric battle.

  1. Afro vs Jinno

Afro’ s father was the no 1 in the whole world before he was killed by Jinno and stripped the title off him, Since then Afro samurai honed his skills and took the path to become the no 1 and take revenge from Jinno. Afro samurai squared off against Jinno at the top of the cliff and the sky lit up with the intensifying battle. There were many moments when Afro found himself at the edge several times but he didn’t give up and was able to lay Jinno to waste. Top 10 sword fights

  1. Nanashi vs Luo-Lang

Luo-Lang throughout the movie showed great caliber regarding battle adroitness until he crossed his path with Nanashu. They went at each other’s neck with swirling blades and giving no room for the other to make a strike. The battle went on fiercely until their swords broke and they had to use their fists to declare a winner.

  1. Sasuke vs Killer Bee

This fight is the best sword fight to have ever existed in the entire series of Naruto. With his Sword of Kusanagi in hand, Sasuke goes up against Killer B, the jinchūriki of the Eight-Tails. ... Karin tells Sasuke to bite her, her chakra healing Sasuke's near-fatal wounds, as Killer B attempts to take the opportunity to kill Sasuke. The battle went on fiercely with Killer bee having an upper hand throughout the battle. Even Sasuke was impressed and he said that he didn’t expect that the battle would go on with that magnitude, but still they were able to succeed in their mission.

  1. Gintoki vs Takasugi

Gintoki and Takasugi were former comrades but they both took on each other in the final battle of their supremacy. This fight is more of an emotional one than a fierce fight. The entire fight scenes were fused by memories from the past that made even tough ones cry their hearts out. The battle ended with Takasugi complimenting Gintoki of his strength while Gintoki collapsed to the ground.

  1. Ichigo Vs Byakuya

This was the second and the last battle between Ichigo and the captain of 6th Division of Byakuya. The battle was so grueling intensifying that the effects of the clash are felt across the Seireitei in a colossal blast that other Shinigami felt. Despite all the injuries that Ichigo received against Byakuya, he still managed to overcome all odds and survived.

  1. Jin vs Mugen

Even the series of Samurai Champloo didn’t kick off properly and we got to see the two main protagonists of the story going at each other’s throat real quickly. Jin and Mugen misunderstood and took on each other just to check the strength of each other and in this mid-way, we got to see how a clash between two styles of sword fight actually looks like.

Top 10 sword fights

  1. Zoro vs Ryuma

Zoro fought on Ryuma just to get his hands on the famous black blade that was once wielded by a samurai and he also wanted to test his skills against the body of Samurai. They threw several gauntlets at each other and increased the intensity level of the battle before Zoro with his final attack made Ryuma accept defeat and hand over his blade.

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