Top 10 strongest Kengan Ashura fighters

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December 10, 2020 6:00 PM

Top 10 strongest Kengan Ashura Fighters If Baki is looking for someone who can give him a fight till his last breathe, then he'll find many fighters from the series of Kengan Ashura, where every fighters have a heart of lion and know how to fight till their last drop. This Netflix series when first came on the portal, totally blew fans way out of proportion and made sure that they don't get disappointed with the series. It's manga has been finished but the second part of this ""Kengan Omega"" is going solid but in this I won't include characters from that series but will focus of ""Kengan Ashura"". Let's get down to business and go through Top 10 strongest Kengan Ashura Fighters- 10. Yoroizuka Saw Paing

Well, for the 9th and 10th position I was having thoughts to whom should I put. But after much analysis I decided to put this over-excited, jovial and enthusiast fighter. That's why he is also named as ""The Howling Spirit"" He's the most energetic fellow who was raised in the most tough condition that any can experience. Since the day he first came across Gaolong back in his country, at many instance he has trained with him. He has a peculiar style of fighting called Lethewei, where he uses his legs to do all the talking, inflicting pain upon his opponents as what his did with Yoshinori and wrecked him. In his next fight he did lost the fight against Mikazuki, but that was a close call and he still wasn't able to use his Headbutt, which is the strongest attck in his arsenal. 9. Mikazuki Rei

Mikazuki Rei or dubbed as ""The lightning God"" is known for his lightning speed attack that literally take down his opponents with lightning. He is from a line of assassin clan and has earned immense accolades. He is a master of Raishin Style. In first round, he defeated his opponents in just one move and made a mockery out of his opponent. In his next fight against Saw Paing he did had to face some stiff challenge from the The Howling Spirit but he managed to put him down in a nick of time. But he lost his next match against Kurosaki. A deserving candidate in the Top 10 strongest Kengan Ashura fighters list. 8. Hatsumi Sen

Hatsumi Sen, was supposed to become the next ""Fang"" of Metsudo but at the last moment was outsmarted by Kanho Agito. He's but nothing short of a terror and a terrific fighter who won his matches like a child play. He's agile and can even dodge volley of attacks from a close range, thus earning the title of ""Floating Cloud"". He is master user of Akido form and also has prowess on other forms. On his first meet up with Tokita Ohma, he literally just toyed with him. He lost to Kanho Agito in Quarters. Related Article-Kengan Ashura: Who is stronger: Baki or Tokita (Kengan Ashura)?7. Raian Kuri

Though Raian Kuri's Death run unexpectedly was put to halt in the second run itself by Tokita, but he's nothing less than a Demon in human form who comes from long lineage of super human, Kuri Clan. He's user of Kuri Fighting technique and also has the ability to use his advance drive at will, which brings puts his Devil on driving seat. He decimated his first opponent and even killed him. (It was revealed later that he was saved at the nick of time.) Thus earning him the right to enter the list of Top 10 strongest Kengan Ashura fighters. 6. Setsuna Kiryu

Setsuna Kiryu, after killing his master from whom he learnt all the basic techniques of Koei style. He also hold prowess in Niko Style as well. He's also known as ""The Beautiful Beast"" due to his outwardly nature, and come inexplicable personality. Setsuna in his first fight against Nikkido, he showed his true nature and very calmly took care of his opponent. In his next fight against Gensai, there was nothing that he did wrong and was on the verge of destroying and defeating hin but the patience and experience of the latter took better of Setsuna's demonic pretence. 5. Takeshi Wakatsuki

Takeshi Wakatsuki or ""The Raging Tiger"" has a illustrious career in the world of Kengan but only for a blotch. Before this tournament he had only a single defeat under his name which came against the Fang of Metsudo. His Blast Core and Grappling are his two Aces. He was defeated by Tokita Ohma in semifinal, but only after a stiff battle. 4. Kaolan Wongsawat

Thai God of War, the master of extreme flicker jabs in Boxing style there is nothing that he can't do with his formidable style. His opponents even don't have time to react to his punches which could even a person in just few punches. He is a strong man, with well built body and some exuberant skills to complement him. Since early years he had trained with his counterpart Saw Paing back at his home and is immensely trained and skilled. He also have been a former Heavyweight champion and the right hand man of King of Thailand. He was defeated by Kanho Agito in round of 16. But in that fight Agito was at the mouth of a possible death, until the fist of Thai God shattered. 3. Tokita Ohma\

Ohma, the master of Niko Style is the face of the Kengan Ashura series and the one around which the entire story revolves. Tokita Ohma, after the death of his master entered the world of Kengan and just piled up immense accolades and suffering on his opponent. In his first Kengan fight he defeated Rihito, then Sekibyashi. In the tournament he defeated the likes of Raian, Imai Cosmo, Wakatsuki, and ended up as a runner up of the entire tournament. 2. Kanho Agito

The fifth ""Fang"" of Metsudo, was regarded as the only fighter who was undefeated in the entire tournament. He was pompous and a well built body which as rigid and highly flexible at the same time. He is the master of Formless and Pre initiative technique. But his ability to evolve during the fight, is what that makes him unbelievably strong. He defeated, Kaolan Wongsawat, Okhuba, Hatsumi, and only to be defeated by Gensai. 1. Gensai Kurosaki

The most experienced fighter in the tournament and the user of Lance move, he had been a surprise package in the tournament as no one expected him to be there. He easily out-manovered his opponents in the initial round like defeating Rihito is one go. But as the tournament continued ge faced more formidable for but his resolve and experience made him victor in every match. He defeated Rihito, Kiryu, Rei, Kanho and in finals Tokita Ohma to win the entire tournament. Thus for me I'll rank him at no 1 position in the list of Top 10 strongest Kengan Ashura fighters. Also Read- One Piece spoilers"

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