Top 10 strongest characters in One Piece as for now

Manta Ray
December 3, 2020 6:00 PM

"One Piece has loads of powerful characters and it becomes really hard to select the strongest character. So everyone in my list of strongest characters in one piece is very close in terms of power level and it would be insanely close if they fight each other:

  1. Red haired Shanks:

Mentor to Luffy and wielder of the most powerful Conqueror’s Haki, Shanks is so powerful that his mere presence at the Marineford stopped the war itself. His haki is so powerful that most of the whitebeard’s crew faints just by coming in its contact. He may not be able to compete with kaido in terms of strength but if it comes to a fight, he would be able to fight him equally and outsmart him. Thus making it the strongest characters in One Piece.

2. Kaido the Beast: Next in the list of strongest characters in One Piece is the Beast himself. If it is one on one, kaido would certainly emerge victorious on land, air and water. In his wanted posters it is specifically mentioned to bring him DEAD only because even after his repetitive submission, the marine were not able to kill him. He is in search of a worthy opponent who could possibly kill him because he himself is unable to kill him even after successive tries. We haven’t even seen his devil fruit abilities and he still rocks

3. Big Mom: Her devil fruit ability allows her to control spirits of anyone who comes in front of her. The only female yonko rules a crew where most of the members are her children . She is a strong haki user also and even though she is not in her prime, she is a wrong person to pick up fight with (which Luffy does as usual). She was so strong in her prime that many believe she was equal to Gold roger.

4. Blackbeard: I know many of you feel that Blackbeard should be somewhere higher being the main antagonist of the series and being the only one who possesses two devil fruit powers that too one of the strongest, I believe he is yet to be as powerful as the other yonko. I think he will get his hands on his third devil fruit ability (possibly Kaido’s when Kaido finally dies) seeing how his jolly roger has three skulls which would make him the most powerful yonko.

5. Akainu: The current fleet admiral Akainu is claimed to be strongest by many and is definitely of yonko level. He has this awesome logia devil fruit ability which grants him the ability to transform his body into magma and manipulate it at will. He is not on the top of this list because I don’t believe he could defeat the people above on his own. Still he is the most powerful man in the most powerful organisation of the world.

6. Dracule Mihawk: He is the strongest swordsman in the entire one piece universe and used to clash swords with Shanks prior to when Shanks lost his arm. We have not seen him go full throttle in any of the battles since he defeats most of his opponents with ease. He is the strongest in the seven warlord category and supposedly of yonko level. He is Zoro’s mentor and greatest rival who will one day show his true power.

7.Dark King Rayleigh: He used to be the vice captain of the roger pirates and is known to have second strongest conqueror’s haki in the one piece universe till now. In his prime he must have been really strong, almost a yonko level. Even though he is not in his prime, he was able to give Kizaru (an admiral) a run for his money. We have not seen him fight seriously till now but his reputation gets him this spot at my list.

8. Aokiji: He has the devil fruit ability to transform into ice and control it at will. He used to be a marine admiral but left after his huge fight against Akainu which lasted for 10 days, which is remarkable since Akainu’s devil fruit ability is an exact counter to his.Thus,he is very close in terms of power level to Akainu. He is suspected to have formed alliance with Blackbeard but I still think he might be loyal to marines.

9. Kizaru: He is an admiral of the marines. His devil fruit ability is my favorite, which grants him power to become and create light. He was overpowering the straw hats and the pirates of new generation before time skip. He is never seen to take any battle seriously. He might have been at a higher spot here if we would have seen him fight seriously.

10. Fujitora: He has this amazing power to control gravity which might be the second most destructive power in one piece. He is an admiral and one of my favorites in the marine. He has blinded himself but this does not weaken him one bit. He was able to send zoro deep underground with just one clash of swords. Don’t judge him by his fight against Sabo as he was not fighting with all his might there.


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