Top 10 powerful main characters in Anime

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November 24, 2020 6:00 PM

"Top 10 powerful main characters10.Natsu Dragneel Hailing from the magical world of Fairy Tail, we have a contender to start this exemplary list. Natsu Dragneel is the main character and a powerful foe. When he was introduced in the show, he was famous for his recklessness but he wasn’t that powerful. As the story progressed he unlocked several power levels and even sparred against S class rankers. Later in the plot, he was unveiled as a demon from Zeref’s book named as E.N.D and he fell to the dark side at first later getting to his sense and later got married, Lucy.

  1. Lelouch V Britannia

Who said powerful are those who got muscles or strength to back them up. In the anime world, you never know what might be unfolding next. Lelouch V Britannia is one such character who uses his power of Geass tactically. This dude is regarded as the smartest character and through his explicit strategies and plans made him one of the powerful characters who would turn the whole world upon his head. Thus has earned the right to be named in the list of Top 10 powerful main characters.

  1. Light Yagami

Light has a very diverse and competitive background. He is one of the main protagonists of the most celebrated anime series in the world of intellectuals, Death Note. The way Light utilized the death note and later challenged L at every step by making him go barmy. Light’s got immense fame for his brain and smartness when he killed Land took his position. But due to slight error and with the help of many people behind the scene he was finally put to rest by near, thus ending his brilliant role.

  1. All Might

All Might used to be the strongest character in BNHA before he lost his all power while fighting All for One. Before that, he was known throughout the world as the Symbol of peace and the No 1 hero. But worry not his legacy will certainly be carried forward by his successors. So despite him being retired, I still thought of giving him a place in this Top 10 list.

  1. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki can be described as the man of much adroitness. He has a shinigami form that is quite powerful. He also possesses an immense amount of spiritual powers keeping the supply of strength intact. He is a master swordsman, carries Zangetsu. He is also quite proficient in his Shunpo techniques, capable of even surprising formidable high-level Shinigami by his speed.

  1. Luffy

An aspiring young lad with a dream to become the king of pirates and is on an escapade with his crew on the waters, Luffy is truly living one hell of a life. Still 19, Luffy so far has defeated toughest, worst of foes in the series. From being a reckless rookie to becoming the first “fifth emperor of the seaâ€, he certainly has earned the right to be named in the list of Top 10 powerful main characters. In time skip he trained under Rayleigh and learned to successfully unlock Gear 4. Right now he is in the Wano Kingdom looking to take down Kaido. 6

  1. Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki is a Shinobi and the master of Nine Tail form. His appearance might be that of a normal ongoing way, but be weary appearance might cost you your life. He is regarded as the hero of the hidden world, His chakra and physical powers are at another level and are also quite proficient in his Ninjutsu, shadow cloning technique, Rasengan and Six path sage mode.

  1. Meliodas

Every time I come across this character, he looks more powerful and cheerful. As if he has an infinite amount of powers, ready at his disposal, he just has to intake from there and is ready to use. Jeez! The development of this character in last two seasons certainly made me grab my seat to avoid me falling off in excitement and shock. His acquaintance with the Demon clan was shocking but it also revealed his new powers that are enough to wipe the existence of the last 5 characters on this list without sweating a drop! He is one eminent member of the Seven deadly sins, from where the series name came.

  1. Saitama

Saitama comes all the way from the world of One Punch man to appear on this list. As the name of the series suggests, the entire power is based upon it. There is no one in this entire anime universe that can’t be pummeled by Saitama in just one punch! Dude, it’s his specialty, he could lay any opponent to waste just be the strike of a mere single punch. His source of power is still unknown. Top 10 powerful main charactersPS- But wait! You still have a chance to defeat him, if you know how to play a video game. Coz he sucks!

  1. Son Goku

Son Goku, over the period of years, has held this place and is regarded as the strongest character in the Universe and respecting that I won’t take the title away from him. His power level is incomparable; evens his arch-rival too, seems like have a hard time against him. He unlocks a level of power just by his mere talent and goes Super Saiyan!"

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