Top 10 Pokémon Ash used too much not to evolve

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December 5, 2020 6:00 PM

"Top 10 Pokémon Ash used too much not to evolve When ash first started off on the journey with a line in his mind of “Gotta Catch em' all†then we should have actually taken this line quite seriously. As Ash did manage to catch some fancy Pokémon and fought many battles with them. But there is a catch within this fold. The thing is that he caught many extravagant Pokémon in their initial stage and if evolved to their maximum level, he could have some firepower in his Arsenal but that didn’t happened, as Ash's Pokémon tend to choose not to evolve, despite the fact that he battled with them all the time when they are near to him. Despite all those experience from the battle they still tend to ignore the fact that they need to evolve and serve greater purpose in future, but they remain dim-witted and made things worse. That’s Ash Ketchum if compared to his peer Gary or Paul, he isn’t a great trainer who used to train and make their Pokémon evolve, unlike Ash who even doesn’t use all his Pokémon as a matter of fact and like to stick with the current region Pokémon. I’ve talked about it in another post. Check Here. So let’s take a look on the list of Top 10 Pokémon Ash used too much not to evolve- 10. Bulbasaur

Back in the heyday, Bulbasaur was one of the elite in Ash's team and can be regarded as the veteran if only it had evolved. Actually, back when travelling he had that opportunity to evolve and advance further, but he threw that opportunity. Ash has fought countless of battles with him and he has proved quite effective against them. At Johto, even beat Magenium which was 3rd stage of Chikorita. This shows how much strong he was. But if only it has evolved, he would have easily ranked amongst the likes of Charizard and other evolved Ash Pokémon. Related Article-. Top 10 Strongest Pokémon.9. Totodile

Ash's Totodile was known for his ever-so-lasting energy that never gets exhausted. He loves to jump and use his favourite move of bite which was quite brutal. He was the most jovial Pokémon in Ash's list of Pokémon. He was the only Johto Pokémon which failed to evolve, despite the fact that amongst the trio he was the strongest of em' all. Both Chikorita and Cyndaquill managed to evolve but Totodile was the lam duck and making it Pokémon Ash used too much not to evolve. 8. Corphish

Corphish was one hell of an aggressive Pokémon that Ash eventually laid his hands upon. It’s always in a battle mood, and given the fact that ash almost used it in all his battles while travelling in Hoenn and even in the Battle frontiers. But all these things turn out for nothing, as his evolved form Crawdaunt was left far in the future and never got the opportunity to shine, as Corphish never evolved. 7. Buizel

What was once Dawn's Pokémon, ended up with Ash after an equal trade with Ash's Aipom going to Dawn. Buizel loved to fight and after coming go Ash team, he got his dream of battling in competition was realized. Buizel was a hard working Pokémon, and he used to train his ass hard. He even surprised Floatzel in one of the battle. Given the fact that during Diamond and Pearl all of Ash’s Pokémon were fully evolved, but it was not so green for Buizel. And turning it into Pokémon Ash used too much not to evolve. Related Article- Top 10 Strongest Legendary Pokémon6. Gible

This joyous Pokémon could have been the most powerful Pokémon in Ash’s arsenal and could have earned all that fame, was left in darkness and barely used once his region was over. Gible was the later version of Totodile and loved to bite people’s head. Gible comes from that line of Pokémon who are considered as one notch lesser then becoming legendaries. Gible was quite strong and he instantly mastered the Draco Meteor, which worked perfectly in a match against Slug. In his match against Darkrai, he caused some problems for the latter, before being put down. His evolved form Garchomp is quite powerful and has earned accolades from fans across. Even Cynthia has Garchomp as her Ace. 5. Scraggy

Scraggy hatched from an egg, and ever since hatching from it he’s always ready to battle with hai favourite move of headbutt, which has put down many Pokémon in dirt. He was the fittest Pokémon in his pack and had zero reasons for not evolve. Fans are still in dilemma as why he was not evolved to Scrafty. 4 Oshawott

Oshawott, has always been admired and loved among the Pokémon community and he is highly acknowledge for his over cuteness which might have been the reason for it never got the opportunity to evolve. Ever after following Ash from the lab of Juniper he grew attached to Ash and then effectively battled in many matches. Though he at times acted as a coward and refuted from fight, so that might be another reason for it to not evolve. 3. Snivy

Now I’m really mad at this one, as Snivy was one of the finest performer in Ash’s team and her not evolving have screwed me up. She is regarded as one of the few Pokémon who had been confirmed as female. She could use fancy moves like Attract, and she had that potential of going quite further in the series, but alas it was also the Pokémon Ash used too much not to evolve. Given opportunity to evolve in Unova, she could have evolved in Serperior which was powerful and cool Pokémon to watch for. 2. Pignite

Tepig was another fire-starter Pokémon in the anime that was abandoned by their original owner and had Ash take them in. Ash's Tepig would get payback towards his original master in a double battle, evolving into a Pignite and defeating his old master's Emboar. Even though Ash did evolve Tepig, he didn't go full measure and have him then evolve into an Emboar. It's a shame because Ash's other fully evolved fire-type starters. Related Article- Top 5 Saddest Moments in Pokémon.1. Rowlet

Rowlet is a little bit of an air-head and accidentally swallowed an everstone, a special item that prevents Pokémon from evolving. The interesting thing about Rowlet not evolving is the fact that Ash's Litten did fully evolved into an Incineroar. The anime writers were probably expecting Litten and its evolution chain to be more popular than it ended up being. Rowlet's evolution line turned out to be the true favorites of that generation. Talk about betting on the wrong horse, or cat in this case. Also Check- Black Clover Chapter 274 spoilers"

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