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Lillie is a young girl who loves Pokemon, but she has a fear of them. In order to overcome this fear, she went on a quest to find her father. After overcoming her fear, Lillie joined her brother Gladion in the search for his missing father.

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If you are looking for the most popular Pokemon female character, then you are in the right place. There are so many to choose from! From Serena to Delia Ketchum, Emily Kanto Region, to Gardenia, there's a character out there for everyone! So which one is your favourite? Read on to find out! Here are the most popular Pokemon characters. And which one would you pick if you had to pick only one?

1. Misty

While many other Pokemon characters can be considered "female," Misty has her own unique set of traits. She is the youngest in her family, and often feels the pain of being the youngest. She also tends to be annoyed with her two sisters, but helps them when they need it and cares for them when they don't. Misty's unique qualities have helped make her a favorited character among many fans.

Misty is a water Pokemon trainer. Her greatest fear is the Bug-type Pokemon Gyarados, which she almost ate. However, in the episode "Cerulean Blues," she conquers this fear and saves the little bug from being poisoned. In turn, Gyarados is touched by Misty's selflessness and eventually returns to its Poke Ball.

2. Cynthia

Cynthia is a popular female Pokemon character who has appeared in several games and anime. She's a 33-year-old from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh Region. She spent a lot of time with Pokemon growing up, thanks to her grandmother's work at the Pokemon Research Lab in Celestic Town. Throughout the games, Cynthia is portrayed as a strong and independent female, who enjoys challenges.

Although she first appeared in the Black and White series, Cynthia later appeared in the third generation. She helped Ash defeat Team Rocket and earned the Rainbow Badge. While she may not have achieved the same status as Ash, she is much nicer in the film and apologizes to the Western fans who might have reacted negatively to her character. In the fourth generation, however, Cynthia is one of the most popular female characters.

3. May

While many of us are familiar with Ash and Brock, we might not know about the other female Pokemon characters. May has many similarities to other characters, such as a love of food and traveling. She was originally only interested in sight-seeing when she met Ash, but she grew to appreciate Pokemon once she encountered them. One of her special skills was making delicious Poke blocks, and her love of food is what fuels her adventures. Her relationship with Officer Jenny is also similar to Nurse Joys, but she plays a much tougher role dealing with the law.

At first, May did not enjoy the Pokemon, but she eventually discovered that she liked the contests and decided to become one.

4. Serena

Serena is one of the most famous and popular female Pokemon characters. Initially, she was quite rebellious, but she has since become a kind and helpful character. She always tries to cheer up Ash, even if they are at odds with each other. She also has a passion for fashion, which is reflected by her love of desserts.

The first pokegirl, Serena, is one of the most popular female characters in the series. Serena is the most popular female Pokemon character in Japan. However, she lost out to Brock in a poll after the XY anime ended. In India, Misty is the most popular female character. She is followed by other female Pokemon characters. It is not known which one is the most popular in India, but she is one of the most popular.

5. Dawn

Dawn is a female player character in the Generation IV games and the anime series. She is Ash's traveling companion in Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl and appears as a co-lead in the Pokémon: The Movie series. She is best known for her pairings with the characters Pearl Shipping, Ikari-Shipping, and Cavalier. She is a favorited character in the franchise, and is the most popular female character in the Pokemon franchise.

Dawn has an interesting story that has a happy ending. She is an ex-Pokemon who helped Ash defeat Team Rocket, which makes her a popular character. Alongside her brother Max, she made Unnova region all the worthwhile to watch. She went on to participate in several competition.

6. Jessi

Jessie is a famous and popular female member of Team Rocket. She has been following Ash with his team since the day one.

Her popularity has made her quite the character, and she uses fair methods to participate in showcases. Both Jessie and James take their English names from famous outlaw Jesse James. Jessi is often mispronounced as Jesse. She is the daughter of an outlaw named James, but she prefers to be called Jessie.

Despite being the main antagonist of the franchise, Jessie also plays a small role in the series. In DP102, she won the Pokemon Contest with a Yanmega, but the next episode had a rival named Dawn. Jessie's character later evolved into a Carnivine.

7. Iris

Iris is the main companion of Ash in the Sinnoh region, alongside Cilan. She comes from a village with Dragon-type Pokemon and likes to swing from vines and eat berries. When Ash first meets Iris, she mistakenly thinks that he is a Pokemon. She tends to call Ash "a kid" whenever he makes a mistake. Iris' companion is the Dragon-type Pokemon Axew.

Iris is a member of the Ash and Iris's team. She was the only female in the team. She also played an important role in helping Ash and his friends get the Trio Badge. Ash and Iris also met Cilan's dad, Sophocles. They are both friends and trainers, and they are both Pokemon enthusiasts. But Iris is the only female in the series who defeats Cilan in battle.

8. Professor Ivy

The Pokémon anime series features a lot of different female characters, but Professor Ivy may be the most popular. She is a light-skinned professor from the Orange Islands with purple hair and sleepy brown eyes. Professor Ivy is typically seen in a navy-blue one-piece swimsuit, but she sometimes wears a pink skirt and a salmon-coloured top. Her favorited colours are purple and green, and she also has an eye tattoo of a flaming sword.

Her story arc is the most complex, but it also contains some of the most memorable twists. Despite being a professor and a researcher, she also has a romantic relationship with Brock. When she meets Brock in the game, she shares a joyful embrace with him. However, it's unclear if she is in love with him.

9. Nurse Joy

The Pokemon anime series has a number of characters with recurring roles, one of them being the popular Nurse Joy. First appearing in episode two of the first game, Nurse Joy tended to a dying Pikachu before Ash came to help. Later, she helped Ash after he was struck by lightning and accosted by Spearow. The character has appeared in several storylines, though she doesn't receive much spotlight.

She appears in the original Pokemon series, as a supporter for Ash and Pikachu. In the original game, she is an ally of Ash, and helps him defeat Solidad. In addition to helping Ash and his friends, she also encourages the newest member of Team Rocket, Chloe, to perform at the Pokemon Contest. While she was tied with Lisia for the top spot, she and Ash briefly reunited in Vermillion City.

10. Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny is a popular female character in the Pokemon world. She has a distinct symbol on her hat, which Brock can recognize. Officer Jenny is known for her fiery determination, and is often partnered with her partner Growlithe to solve crimes. While some of these Officer Jennys are identical, others are not. These are two examples of the many differences between Officer Jennys and their male counterparts.

Unlike the male Officers, Officer Jennys can have either dark or light coloured hair. They wear navy blue hats with gold buckles and a tan collared shirt. Their outfits also differ slightly from one another. The uniforms worn by Kanto Officer Jennys differ from those of Sinnoh Officer Jennys. Kalos Officer Jennys wear a blue hat with a navy blue rim, a blue skirt, and a black belt.

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