Top 10 loved anime characters in the World of Otakus

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November 24, 2020 6:00 PM

"Top 10 loved anime charactersHonorary MentionsNaruto

Light Yagami

Son Goku

Top 10 loved anime characters list-

  1. Ace

Now topping the list as being the most loved character in the anime, Ace certainly has lived to his reputation. His first appearance in the series left fans to spell bounded with his calm personality and monstrous powers. His relation with Luffy was most shocking. In later part, Ace took on Blackbeard to prevent him from going after Luffy. He was locked up and bruised, and in battle, he cried making everyone’s heart full of sorrow. When he sacrificed himself in order to save his younger brother, every true One Piece fan jumped out of their seat and felt an oncoming heart attack to them as well. Later the reminiscent of Ace and Luffy’s childhood memories anguished and inflicted more pain.

  1. L

Death Note was my first anime and L was for me at that moment nothing less than a God figure. Jeez! The way he used to deduce things with his theme song going on, it gives me Chills! L was so smart that just by working on his mere instinct he quickly was able to standout Light and predicted that he is the real Kira. L met with an unexpected tragedy and he was victimized by the scheme of Light but not before he outsmarted him with his plans. If anyone has any kind query what that plan was, just search “L change the Worldâ€.

  1. Escanor

No matter how strong Meliodas is, but he won’t match the tenacity and pride level of Escanor. His dialogue delivery, chivalry, hard work, and no inhibitions make him stand where he is right now. All these things have earned a great amount of fame among the fans. His entrance was a piece of the specimen and then when he took down Estarossa with such ease that it left me brimming with excitement and petrified by his powers.

  1. Spike Spiegel

Oh! It’s been a long time since Cowboy Bebop hits the theatre and out of the blue I remembered him and decided to place him in this Top 10 list. Jeez! I still remembered that day when I used to enjoy his exploits and ability to come out of any situation alive. But his sudden death marked the end of the series and I was left dumbstruck waiting what’s next heartbreaking to happen in my life. Top 10 loved anime characters

  1. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake hails from the explicit series of Naruto and despite acting like a heel, he has always seen as the babyface in the anime series. Kakashi used to wear a mask that gave him the feeling of an enigmatic Ninja. Kakashi has died in the anime and manga, but his death was transient and he came back to life later. His death occurred in his fight against Nagato/Pain when the latter attacked Konoha. His death was caused by overuse of his Kamui Sharingan jutsu, and this certainly helped him climb the ladder being regarded as the loved character.

  1. Lelouch

Lelouch V Britannia is known for his brain and is regarded as the best tactician to have ever stepped a foot in the Anime world. His adroitness in the series quickly made him rose to the ranks and become the most popular and loved the character. The way he made things possible and his interception skill were really hitting huge numbers. His death made him immortal amidst the heart as many were left nostalgic and grief-stricken by his ploy.

  1. Killua

When Killua first made his entrance in the Hunter X Hunter series I presumed that he is the just average looking chap with a cute look. But guess what like other anime characters I was at the receiving end of his exploits. At entrance exam when he took out John’s heart, he automatically became my favorite character in the series. I wear that I had watched that moment and his Godspeed mode against Youpi thousands of time on youtube.

  1. Saitama

Yeah, yeah at times Saitama really pisses me off due to his incomparable power and strength, that I feel jealous of him. He has the ability to put an opponent to sleep just be a mere punch and due to that he always looks bored. His humor level is up to the level and the show is full of those moments that make him an apple of the fans eye!

  1. Monkey .D. Luffy

Monkey .D. Luffy can also be regarded as the synonym of restless and reckless. Just like his brother he also has the huge fan following and appreciates his intense battles as well as him being fooling around with the crew and even with his allies. Guess what he has failed an entire system of vocabulary. He has his own dictionary and contemplates accordingly. Everyone knows you can’t say a word to Luffy as he takes a decision all by himself whether about him or for others.

  1. Ash

Yeah, I know this is just out of the blue but if you’re true anime fan then you got to put the ten-year-old aspiring Pokémon master. Ash had always been seen as the flag-bearer and is more like a mascot. Show anyone a photo of Ash and I bet ya that they’ll blurt out his name even before you finish asking your question. Such is the reputation and fame of Ash Ketchum!! Top 10 loved anime characters

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