Top 10 Kengan Ashura Strongest characters manga

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February 15, 2022 6:00 PM

Top 10 Kengan Ashura Strongest characters manga

Kengan Ashura is an unexpected hit that Netflix dropped on us recently, showing us incredible battles between incredibly impressive soldiers.

Its next part was delivered late in October. As a result, we can see significantly more warriors carry their remarkable styles to the arc.

In that festival, we will count down the best ten most grounded characters in the Kengan Ashura anime up until this point. If it’s not too much trouble, note this is simply going to be about the anime, not the Manga and most grounded doesn’t imply that one person on this rundown is ensured to beat another, and spoilers ahead!


This severe cop is an abnormal investigation that might presumably occur on the off chance that Batman approved of killing individuals. Seishu Akoya is affirmed to have one of the quickest, if not the fastest, response speeds in the Kengan Annihilation competition. That is, as of now, a colossal benefit to have over somebody. Add that on top of his crazy power and sturdiness, Akoya turns into an incredible powerhouse.

We see his solidarity in both of his matches, having the option to bring down the enormous Haruo Kono with an under 10 leg kick. On the other hand, Akoya lost to Cosmo Imai because he was excessively arrogant to complete the match.

Akoya loses a few focuses for finding support from his chief, which he used to assist with foreseeing the development of his adversaries, putting him toward the beginning of this rundown.

Top 10 Kengan Ashura Strongest characters manga


The series’ occupant ace grapplers Jun Sekibayashi is undoubtedly somebody you would have no desire to cross in a dim rear entryway. Jun was undefeated in the realm of Kengan matches until he encountered a series of fundamental heroes, Ohma Tokita.

Assuming this was a rundown of the strongest characters in the show, Jun would be a lot higher; he’s ready to take an all-out attack from big shots like Ohma without recoiling. However, nowhere is the sturdiness of Jun shown better in his match against Kiozan Takeru, where he takes every one of the assaults that the Sumo grappler can give, including a strategy that transforms him into a rocket, despite everything dominates the competition, possibly showing shortcoming when far away from the fans.

Jun would be higher up on this rundown; however, he appears to depend a lot on his toughness, which has its flimsy parts, as shown by Ohma.



Raian is said to have the most inactive potential in the whole Kure family, having the option to open 100 per cent of his power with his family’s “Removal” method.

Raian is a flat out monster in a literal sense. Raian was sufficiently able to pummel Lihitio in the washroom and afterwards promptly go out and battle in a match where he nearly killed his rival barehanded.

Raian then, at that point, proceeded to confront Ohma Tokita and had the option to outlive Ohma’s development procedure. It was referenced by different individuals from the Kure family that assuming Raian utilized the Kure procedures, and he would have had the option to beat Ohma very quickly.

Raian loses a few focuses for not utilizing his most impressive methods, liking to thump individuals with sheer power. It is additionally inferred that while he can acquire 100 per cent of his dormant power with discharge, he isn’t the most grounded and was the second pick by his granddad for the Kengan competition. (Kengan Ashura Strongest characters manga)



Setsuna Kiryu is one of the fascinating characters with regards to Kengan Ashura. Kiryu is strange and plays the role of being a foil to Ohma Tokita, a piece of his past and sharing likenesses.

Setsuna has an exceptional style, and fans are keen on seeing a more significant amount of it later on. Setsuna’s type depends on two procedures, Blink, which enables him to “transport” around his rival and Rakshasa’s Palm, which essentially is by all accounts a one-hit KO method on anybody.

With this power on top of a change that makes him more grounded and unreasonable, Setsuna is most certainly somebody to pay special attention to in the Kengan competition going ahead.



We haven’t seen quite a bit of how Takeshi can treat that is because his main quarrel endured over three seconds.

Takeshi took out his first rival in the destruction competition with one enormous punch. This punch was so strong that it broke ribs, adjusted a few organs, diverted the casualties force, and sent him flying once again into the divider. This punch left the part of the divider broke and left a pretty massive opening in his adversary’s chest.

We can perceive that Takeshi is powerful, and with one of his main two misfortunes being to the Fang of Metsudo, most would agree he’s somebody to pay special attention to in the competition.



Naoya Okubo is the outright ruler of intense battle, which I am simply going to accept is only the Kengan universe’s adaptation of the UFC. This implies that he is most likely the heavyweight champion in that advancement, making him the saddest man on earth, in the public eye at any rate.

Ohma has additionally expressed that out of every one of his “companions’ who are contending in the competition, Naoya Okubo is the most grounded. It takes a unique sort of man to get Ohma to concede you’re solid before he’s even seen you battle.

For losing in the first round of the competition, Okubo set on a great match, showing his range of abilities and capacity to adjust to his rival. It’s likewise vital to specify that his rival was the Fang of Metsudo, the man character say is the most strongest throughout the entire existence of the Kengan matches. (Kengan Ashura Strongest characters manga)



The Thai God of War is most likely the most grounded striking expert in the competition. Gaolang turned into the heavyweight hero of the world in each of the four world boxing associations after just four years of preparing in the discipline and being small in both weight and stature.

Gaolang had the option to overwhelm Kaneda in their match and was quick to the point that Kaneda couldn’t peruse and foresee his developments, which are fundamentally his entire thing.

Gaolang has additionally announced the most grounded contender in all of Thailand at the youthful of 15 and had the option to beat Saw Paing, one more extreme warrior, by choice.

A terrifying thing about Gaolang is that we haven’t seen a small part of how he can treat. Gaolang is a Muay Thai warrior that picked up enclosing requests to work on his punches. Gaolang has an armoury of Kicks, Elbows, Knees Sweeps that we still can’t seem to see.



We, at last, get to the primary hero of the series, Ohma Tokita. Ohma’s a very fantastic troublemaker, and the crowd will see a massive load of instances of this. From him, one-punching the alleged ruler of underground karate. Or, on the other hand, poking a hole into the side of a mountain, it’s unmistakable he’s a considerable rival for anybody.

Notwithstanding, Ohma’s natural strength lies in his flexibility and versatility. The Niko Style gives Ohma countless choices in battle. It’s challenging to keep him in a terrible spot. It’s likewise great to specify that on his own, he is sufficiently able to beat the vast majority even without utilizing the Niko Style.

Ohma additionally has his ace in the hole that he depends on, The Advance, which helps his actual capacities through the rooftop at the expense of his fundamental wellbeing.

With Ohma making his own Niko style and truly putting stock in it, Ohma will require a great deal of work to be put down.


A baffling participant in the competition, we don’t know a lot and haven’t had the chance to see a ton of Gensai Kuroki. However, from what little we’ve seen of him, Kuroki is a beast.

The Devil Lance had the option to take all of the harm a more grounded Lihitio was tossing at him and didn’t recoil. He figures. Instead, he beat Lihitio unexpectedly and utilized his fingers to make enormous cuts in Lihitos body and take him out in only a brief time after he began to take him somewhat genuine.

Kuroki is startlingly strong, and I can hardly wait to see more.



The King of the Kengan Matches is a man whose name carries dread to most contenders. However, Agito Kanoh, also called The Fang of Metsudo, is a colossal fan top choice in the Kengan matches since he has never lost 160 sessions.

Kanoh was ready to beat the King of MMA Naoya Okubo quickly showed his level. The startling thing about Kanoh is that he can adjust to any style that he is battling against the mid-match, so regardless of whether he begins losing, it’s reasonable he will return with a recent fad to beat the one he was failing too.

Notwithstanding not seeing quite a bit of him, Kanoh has effectively had a tremendous impact on the fan base, making us need to check whether anybody can stop this beast and rout him.


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