Top 10 badass Swordsmen in Anime Universe

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November 24, 2020 6:00 PM

"Top 10 badass Swordsmen The most badass character in any anime series is got to be the swordsman. Unsheathing the sword, getting in the stance to strike anyone down in his range, certainly looks more demonic than the Actual demon around. In this post, we’ll count the top 10 strongest and badass swordsman in the series who are reckless and are deft in their expertise.  

  1. Afro Samurai

When afro samurai was first launched in the summer, the anime instantly made its mark among the mind of many anime fans. The combo showed in the anime of brutality and perfect swordplay was considerably deadly. Afro samurai carries a simple sword matching the backdrop of the story and the background plot; he is on a quest to become the no 1 swordsman by beating the then no 1 who killed his father.

  1. King Bradley

From the fault of one of the classic series to have ever existed in Japanese anime, Fullmetal Alchemist, bring you the Wrath or King Bradley. He uses, what it is to be said a longsword. With his speed and Sin power, he created truly havoc in the latter stage of the anime. He easily took down Greed and destroyed an entire rebelling army all by himself. He was the 2nd antagonist of the series. His sword had two handles and could be detached just like a Popsicle with two sticks.

  1. Erza Scarlet

She also finds herself in the list of Top 10 badass Swordsmen despite being a women. Let's move on from the world of science, we move on to the world of ultimate magic power. Erza Scarlet is an S class wizard of Fairy Tail Guild. She is quite skilled in combat with a sword. Her heaven’s form is quite monstrous and has the ability to take down many at one go. Her skills were at how in the festival, where she took down 100 monsters in one go. She has many forms in her repertoire and is equally powerful.

  1. Akame

Though this list is Top 10 badass Swordsmen but I just can't help adding few females here and there. Now, Akame is the main character of the Akame Ga kill’s series. Her Murasame is completely dead and has poison on its tip. Akame believes in a single strike kill and has taken down many opponents with her sheer expertise and capabilities. During her fight with Esdeath, her sword got broken but ultimately still she managed to defeat her.

  1. Shimazu Toyohisa

From the world of Drifters, Shimazu Toyohisa managed to find a pot in my top 10 list. Toyohisa can be described as a monster and owner of explicit skills. He was introduced in the series just before he jumped over the enemies in the battle of Shikighara carrying a Nodachi. He roared and sliced necks of countless enemies. He is quite reckless and has no fear of death. He has the colossal tenacity to win every battle hi fight and along with Nobunaga, he establishes his own domain in the other world too.

  1. Jin/Mugen

If you’re a fan of samurai amines, then samurai Champloo is the anime for you to watch this winter. I decided to put both main characters of the series together, as it would really be disrespectful for them to put one of the above. As they both are equally matched in their skills. With two fights between them, they have never been able to declare a clear winner. Jin carries a Daisho since he is one qualified samurai while Mugen wields a sword mix of Okinwana sai and Japanese katana. Mugen fights with a different style altogether, as he uses breakdance moves in his fights and likes to dominate his opponent’s right from the start with his ferocity. Among both of them, Jin is more calm and decent chap.

  1. Zoro

From the world of One Piece, I put Zoro on the 4th spot. Zoro is on a mission to become the strongest swordsman in the world and for that purpose, he keeps honing his skills by fighting tough opponents. He’s quite good in scouting competition and has managed to defeat many opponents except the current strongest. He has developed his own style of fighting- Santoryu or three swords style. He carries three swords along with him- Wado Ichimonji, Shusuui, and Sandai kitetsu. He’s a demon when he fights and has taken down several cocky opponents who took great pride in their skills.

  1. Gintoki Sakata

Gintama officially is the best swordsman anime series. Gintoki is the main protagonist of the series and is immensely skilled in swordsmanship. He possesses great strength, quite agile and has the enormous endurance to fight for the longer period of time. He has a Bokuto as a sword and apart swordsmanship he’s effectively great in hand to hand combat fights. His fight with Oboro can be remembered for a long time among many fans.

  1. Ichigo Kurosaki

At no 2 positions, we have Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. After Ichigo became a shinigami, “Soul Reaper” he seriously dominated the bleach fandom with his nostalgic adversity and power. His choice of weapon to fight is Zangetsu. Infused with his sword Ichigo has fought countless battles and has managed to come out of death many times and has shown a right place to his opponents.

  1. Mihawk

Hawkeye Mihawk is the current strongest swordsman in the one piece world and is regarded as the master when it comes to his talent and expertise. He carries a black sword named Yoru that is one of Saijo-O- Wazamono which is of the supreme grade. He defeated Zoro single-handedly with a small knife and at Marineford sliced up a mountain of Ice with just a slash. He has a strong Armament Haki and was superior in his clash with Shanks. He has shown mammoth dexterity and supreme skill in the battle, especially when he fights with Yoru, his main sword.

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