Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers: The Original Timeline Of Gang

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September 16, 2022 7:00 PM

The last chapter made few things clear. Shinchiro is a brother to look at and Mikey loved his brother a lot. We also get to see the heartbreaking timeline since when Mikey’s Dark Impulse started to take shape. The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers would further put more emphasis on the timeline of Mikey’s recovery form the tragic mishap and how he shaped his future.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers are here-

The chapter title is: Worth My while.

The leaks scans show Baji, in his teenage and unequivocally seeming to be a delinquent than he did at that age in the group timetable, in a same bus with Shinichiro as they go to get somebody.

It also show Haruchiyo Sanzu, with lesser hair and a scar across his eye, yet inadequate with regards to his unmistakable facial scars. The sweeps likewise show Wakasa, who seems more stunning in his appearance, with a tattoo that he had not worn in the ordinance timetable.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers


Baji has two-conditioned hair. His appearance recommends that he didn’t attempt to mix in as a respectful understudy in this timetable as he did in the group course of events.

There was no such thing as since the Tokyo Manji Posse in this original timetable, Baji probably didn’t meet Chifuyu, maybe even Kazutora.

Likewise, Haruchiyo has carried on with an alternate life too. It’s probably the case that the person with a katana whom Baji and Shinichiro will get is Haruchiyo, and he is possible in adolescent confinement.

Since the spoilers don’t make reference to the kid by his name, it’s hazy whether he actually goes by the family name Akashi or on the other hand assuming that he has transformed it to Sanzu.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers

Taking into account that he had no great explanation to drop out with Mikey in the first course of events, the previous situation appears to be more likely.

Shinichiro going to get Haruchiyo is suggestive of Chifuyu getting Kazutora after the last option’s delivery from adolescent confinement.

Izana’s quandary additionally strikes a chord while looking for matches. While the character of Shinichiro’s trigger is as yet hazy, fans have since a long time ago dispensed the job to Wakasa.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269 Recap

The title of the chapter 269: The First Gen Black Dragons

Tokyo Revengers section 269 began with a flashback of the first timetable. Shinichiro and Mikey were cruising all over in the previous’ motorbike with the whole Dark Winged serpent posse behind them. Takeomi playfully inquired as to whether carrying his younger sibling to their last evening as gangsters was essential.

Smiling, Shinichiro answered that it was required, as Mikey was practically similar to a child to him and the little kid expected to gain from his older folks. Takeomi, Benkei, and Wakasa taunted Shinichiro for imagining that a bicycle group was a decent spot for a youngster to learn. Mikey requested his more seasoned sibling for a bicycle from his own, to which Shinichiro said he was still excessively youthful. Manjiro guaranteed that he would be preferable over his sibling.

Sometime thereafter, Shinichiro gave his last discourse as the head of the Dark Mythical serpent posse, let each part know that the original was disbanded. Between tears, the dark haired youngster advised every one of his confidants to continue to battle and to be glad to be a piece of the Dark Winged serpent Family while Mikey watched his more seasoned sibling talk.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers


Tokyo Revengers 269 proceeded with a couple of months after the fact, with Shinichiro before his dad’s grave. The young fellow talked about how he would deal with his little kin and would assist Mikey with turning out to be preferable over him. In the wake of leaving the burial ground, Shinichiro went over a model Concorde plane he purchased for Mikey and a little teddy bear for Emma.

Shinichiro advised Mikey to buckle down on building it, as he wouldn’t help him a lot with it.


Tokyo Revengers section 269 proceeded to show Shinichiro working in a bike studio a month subsequent to giving Mikey his plane. One of his associates let him know that his granddad was calling, and he sounded fomented. The Sano granddad told Shinichiro that Mikey tumbled down the steps while playing and was not awakening.

Shinichiro showed up at the emergency clinic to see his granddad, Baji, Sanzu, and Senju crying while Mikey lay oblivious on a bed. In dismay, Shinichiro asked Mikey companions occurred, to which Baji and Sanzu answered that Mikey fell while playing with his model plane.

Manjiro would have rather not imparted the toy to his companions and began going around the house. Baji just heard a noisy clamor, and from that point onward, Mikey quit moving totally. Shinichiro could gaze at his sibling, unequipped for successfully help.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Spoilers


Tokyo Revengers section 269 continued to show a specialist conversing with Shinichiro and his granddad. He informed the pair that Mikey experienced extreme harm to his frontal cortex, meaning he would perpetually stay senseless. The kid would keep living however at no point ever talk or continue on his own in the future. Tragically, there was no way to save Mikey.

In the wake of getting back, Shinichiro annihilated the model Accord, asserting it was a direct result of the toy that his sibling wound up that way. Tokyo Revengers section 269 finished four years after the mishap, with Shinichiro taking a lethargic Mikey out for a walk around the recreation area.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Release date

Next in line Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 would be out on 21st September, 2022. There is no break next week. Stay tuned with us.

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