Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 Raw: Shinchiro, Time Leaper!

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September 5, 2022 7:00 PM

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 Raw Scans would be out this week, as there is no break. We'll get to see the continuation of Mikey and Takemichi battle that has entered into a new phase.Mikey has been knocked down by Takemichi on the floor, while everyone in the vicinity is shell shocked. Sanzu is in disbelief as what he's witnessing, while Mitsuya is cheering on his captain.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 Raw Scans

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 Raw Scans are here-

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 Leaks

Some of the leaks for tokyo revengers chapter 268 are here-

  • Seems like this chapter have a great plot twist and i don't know if they mean mikey having visions or something else but i'm really looking forward to it.
  • The other time leaper is someone who has been dismissed as a suspect, so it's neither hanma, nor mikey and probably not sanzu either. it's someone who has always been present in the manga, but who we have overlooked.
  • The other time leaper was shinichiro holy shit.
  • Wakasa knew shinichiro was a time leaper, after the war of the three deities when he saw that mikey got out of control he told him everything he knew about his brother and the dark impulses and i guess that's the reason why he joined kanto.
  • Mikey means by saying that the dark impulse were born out of love bc if they were born bc shinichiro traveled back in time to save him, then what did he want to save him from? i can't be more confused

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Recap

In the last couple of parts, we got the history of Mikey and afterward the story quickly got from the latest relevant point of interest. Mikey and Takemichi begin battling which could give some intriguing turn with regards to the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 storyline. Takemichi is getting some short vision features from his time jumping capacities and what could occur straightaway. Curiously he can see what Mikey's best course of action is. Because of that, he can keep away from the perilous kicks tossed by Mikey.In the mean time, Hakkai awakens from his oblivious state. The tricks of Takemichi astounded everybody watching the battle in light of the fact that main Kisaki has been competent to impede Mikey's hard-hitting kick. Sanju, who was absent in the last couple of sections, likewise gets up and becomes shocked to see everything occurring in front. Nonetheless, Sanju comprehended how his cherished companion Takemichi is impeding the kicks. Toward the finish of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267, Takemichi punches Mikey and he tumbles to the ground.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 Release date

Next in line Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 would be out on 7th September, 2022. There is no break next week. Stay tuned with us.

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