Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers: The Fight Continues!

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August 29, 2022 7:00 PM

The battle between Takemichi and MIkey has commenced, and it is quite brutal. As expected Mikey is dominating the proceeding and has managed to put down a spirirted Takemichi. But as usual defying odds latter is still persistent to save Mikey from his Dark Impulses. The next in line Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers would see a clash of Mikey's dark impulse and Takemichi's spirit.Let's analyse what may unfold in the next chapter, as well as recap what happened in the last chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers, leaks are here-It is on Mangadex.

  • The fight continues! Takemichi gives his best and does not give up. He is probably able to block Mikey's blows thanks to his visions!
  • Part 1 text- Takemichi has another vision of the future as happened with Sanzu.
  • The chapter started where we left off takemichi get up after the blows mikey gave you.
  • After an onslaught Takemichi is still standing he will avoid mikey's attacks like he did with sanzu on the train.
  • Mikey is seeing that takemichi begins to dodge his attacks, thanks to his visions.
  • Takemichi dodges Mikey and lands a hit on him. This is phenomenal.
  • Dialogues between both of em- Mikey: Are you crazy?! Takemichi: I don't always want to catch everyone, right, but I'm used to being hurt mikey: that seems to be different takemichi: don't go ahead, just hurt me, who am I, right?
  • A critical hit and the invincible Mikey is DOWN!

More detailed Spoilers would be update here.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Recap

Tokyo Revengers chapter 266 is "Make Vision A Reality."The flashback arrangement go on as Mikey recalls whenever he first met Takemichi. Notwithstanding being frail and a crybaby, Takemichi generally supported what he accepted was correct. He has forever been close by, albeit the Kantou pioneer frequently questions why Takemichi defends him or against him when required.Tokyo Revengers section 266 re-visitations of the present toward the finish of the long flashback, and Mikey asks Takemichi for what valid reason he continues to get back up with such a harmed body in spite of realizing completely well that he gets no opportunity of winning. Takemichi answers that he had made a few vows to Mikey himself later on, and to Baji and Draken before they kicked the bucket previously, that he would save Mikey.

Takemichi's new vision

Takemichi recollects Hina requesting that he be straightforward with his feelings of trepidation, however he understands he no longer has any. He has had to deal with such countless fates and seen so many of his companions kick the bucket, particularly Hina, Naoto, and Chifuyu. He has seen numerous forms of Mikey and seen his passing. Recalling every last bit of it, Takemichi fearlessly expresses that he can't lose on the grounds that he is the one in particular who can save Mikey from the dull.Mikey is inert to this close to home announcement and begins to kick Takemichi over and over at his sanctuary. Regardless of how frequently the head of second Gen Toman gets up, Mikey mercilessly beats him to the place where Takemichi begins to lose his vision and hearing. His ears are apparently dying, and he is unstable on his feet, and Mikey impartially remarks that he ought to have passed on as of now.At that point, Takemichi gets a dream of Mikey kicking him down for what can be thought to be the last time. He ponders when this future will occur, just to understand that it is going on now as Mikey conveys one more lethal kick to his sanctuary.

Mikey and Takemichi Duo

The primary perception that hangs out in Tokyo Revengers chapter 266 is that Mikey respects Takemichi, yet there is an essential disengage between how he feels and how he acts towards the last option. It seems like Mikey has abandoned himself and, naturally, has separated his feelings from the one individual who can save him. While this is possible because of Kisaki's ruses, different powers are additionally affecting everything here.Wakui has been gradually uncovering Takemichi's injury from nonstop time-jumping in the last barely any sub-curves. Notwithstanding, it just underlines that Takemichi's assurance is quite possibly of his most grounded resource, and he has never not entirely set in stone to do anything as he is to save Mikey.Tokyo Revengers section 266 likewise features one more part of Takemichi's dreams. The time between Takemichi getting the vision and it working out, in all actuality, is getting more limited with each vision. While he had a lot of time between his vision of Senju's passing and Draken kicking the bucket in her place, this vision of Mikey occurs continuously seconds after he has gotten done with seeing it.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Release date

Next in line Tokyo Revengers Chapter 276 would be out on 31st August, 2022. There is no break next week. Stay tuned with us.

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