Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Raw: Takemichi Dodges Mikey Attacks.

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August 29, 2022 7:00 PM

Mikey has unleashed his Fury on Takemichi and there's now no looking back for the latter. The last kick to his temples, Takemichi is at the moment down on the floor. But is it too much to keep him down on the floor we'll surely get to know in the next Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 raw.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Raw

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Raw Scans

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Raw Scans are here-

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Spoilers, leaks are here-It is on Mangadex.

  • The fight continues! Takemichi gives his best and does not give up. He is probably able to block Mikey's blows thanks to his visions!
  • Part 1 text- Takemichi has another vision of the future as happened with Sanzu.
  • The chapter started where we left off takemichi get up after the blows mikey gave you.
  • After an onslaught Takemichi is still standing he will avoid mikey's attacks like he did with sanzu on the train.
  • Mikey is seeing that takemichi begins to dodge his attacks, thanks to his visions.
  • Takemichi dodges Mikey and lands a hit on him. This is phenomenal.
  • Dialogues between both of em- Mikey: Are you crazy?! Takemichi: I don't always want to catch everyone, right, but I'm used to being hurt mikey: that seems to be different takemichi: don't go ahead, just hurt me, who am I, right?
  • A critical hit and the invincible Mikey is DOWN!

More detailed Spoilers would be update here.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Recap

Chapter 266 of "Tokyo Revengers," Mikey had various flashbacks about the time he met Takemichi. To abstain from seeming, by all accounts, to be a sissy, the last option just upheld what he knew to be valid. However the Kantou pioneer scrutinized his eagerness to help or go against him, he was rarely far away. There were a few recaps and an extended flashback in the past section. Mikey addressed Takemichi on his uncanny capacity to continue getting up in the wake of being thumped down endlessly time again in spite of clear actual wounds and the information that his rival just couldn't be crushed. Takemichi then conceded that he had ensured Mikey's wellbeing to Baji and Draken notwithstanding Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267 Release date

Next in line Tokyo Revengers Chapter 276 would be out on 31st August, 2022. There is no break next week. Stay tuned with us.

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