Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Raw Scans: Mikey vs Takemichi Begins!

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August 22, 2022 7:00 PM

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 is now out, and fans couldn’t hold on to discuss the situation that happened. The section zeroed in on’s first experience with Toman according to Mikey’s perspective, as well as what Kisaki meant for Mikey’s life. Now we await for the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Raw Scans to come by.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Raw Scans

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Raw Scans are finally out-

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Spoilers

Some of the potential spoilers as per raw panels are here-

  • There are panels where Takemichi has some falsbacks of his members, with everything that takemichi has to carry.
  • The fight has began and it seems like Takemichi is not backing down.
  • Mikey already told takemichi if he continues like this he will die.
  • This is why i adore takemichi so much. despite all the shit hes gone through, he never loses sight of who he is. his determination and loyalty is unwavering and he may not be physically strong but his heart is what makes him strong.

More leaks would be updated here.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Raw

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Recap

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 began with Mikey spending time with Takemichi and Draken hours before he met Kisaki interestingly. Utilizing Pa-jaw as a haggling coin, Kisaki proposed to let him out of jail in the event that he was permitted as an individual from Toman.

Mikey talked with his companions about this, yet none concurred with him, nearly cracking the group. A couple of days after the fact, Mikey talked with Kisaki and uncovered that Takemichi was the main explanation the group was still attached.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 raw

He later talked with Kisaki about his Dark Impulses and requested that he guide him.The part finished during the conflict against Valhalla, where Kisaki impacted Mikey to kill Kazutora. Nonetheless, his Dark Impulses were controlled thanks to Takemichi’s appearance, who goes about as Mikey’s light in this section.

The main thing fans are discussing Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 is what Kisaki and Takemichi have meant for Mikey in two totally various ways. Mikey considered Kisaki to be a method for delivering his Dark Impulses and fulfill his clouded side. Simultaneously, Takemichi has been a light in his life since they met.

Fans couldn’t quit discussing how Mikey grinned subsequent to recalling Takemichi. His grin isn’t faked at that point. Takemichi truly fills his existence with euphoria.

Yet again true to form, Kisaki acquired the scorn of the whole being a fan with his activities. Individuals previously detested Kisaki before Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265, yet this part established those sentiments.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Release date

Next in line Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 would be out on 24th August, 2022. There is no break next week. Stay tuned with us.

Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Online

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