Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers: Mikey-Kisaki-Takemichi Relationship

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August 14, 2022 7:00 PM

Last chapter dealt with a onrushing memories of Mikey’s past and how he dealt with the death of Shinchiro, his brother. Since the chapter is on break next week the tokyo revengers chapter 265 spoilers won’t be out this week.

As stated earlier in the previous manga, the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers would be issue of 26 pages throwing more insights on the strength of Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers are here. The chapter will be out as scheduled since the break is over.

The title of the chapter is “Stay BY Me“. The cover page belongs to the two leaders Takemichi and Mikey.

We start with a new chapter watching Mikey eating with Kisaki. It’s seems like this is from the past when Kisaki was in touch with Mikey and was about to join.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers

We see from other perspectives what happened that day when Baji was stabbed. In this chapter we will be shown the funeral of baji from Mike’s perspective. This chapter covers the entire valhall arc and baji’s death.

A panel shows Mikey’s Impulse. This mikey when he is beaten Kazutora falling into the impulses


A meeting of the TOMAN with all its captains. Context of this image is days after PAH was arrested, everyone talks about it.

Apparently everyone is against kisaki being the Captain of the third division. A panel shows here apparently Kisaki already knew how aggressive Mickey is and that’s why I manipulate Kazutora to join Valhalla to stab down.

Apparently one of the reasons for Mike and Draken’s fight was for kisaki. Mikey says Kazutora brought down to kill him.

In last spoiler we see Takemichi shielding Kazutora from Mikey, and latter was surprised.

The spoilers ae not clear at the moment. But we will try to update the clear spoilers in a day or so.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers Discussion

The spoilers are more complicated and heedless than expected, yet this article will endeavor to mesh them together into a rational story.

One of the main things that fans responded to was the front of the part. Named “Stand by Me,” it highlights Mikey and Takemichi confronting each other in a sensational posture. Also, the whole fanbase is eager to see its hued variant. They are anxious to perceive how the cooperation among Mikey and Takemichi will occur. A few fans have even hinted that Takeimichi appeared nearer to Mikey than to his sweetheart, Hina.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Raw


Tokyo Revengers chapter 265 takes readers through Mikey’s most memorable gathering with Kisaki and their beforehand neglected discussion. The section then continues on toward a round-table conversation of sorts between the first Gen captains of Toman.It can be conjectured from Baji’s appearance that it fell between Takemichi’s introduction into the posse and Baji’s diversion to Valhalla. There appeared to be a contention happening between the skippers, and it is hypothesized that they could have been examining Kisaki’s induction to the posse.

As indicated by the spoilers, the part then, at that point, slices to the fight with Valhalla. Mikey saw Baji getting cut, and his ensuing response is displayed exhaustively, however according to his point of view. Rings of obscurity, which represent Mikey’s Dark Impulses, are seen twisting around the then-Toman president. Perusers definitely realize that Baji is the person who rescued Mikey once again from the daze during the Valhalla arc.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Recap

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 is named “Not Only the Force, but Also…” Chapter 264 Raw scans are out.

The chapter will begin showing the story according to Mikey’s perspective. As per the released crude output, Emma and Draken’s board since adolescence will be displayed in the section. Youthful Draken comes to Manjiro’s home and offers more youthful Emma to convey a few boxes. Emma is anxious about gathering Draken.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers

Another board portrays Mikey crying without anyone else before a mirror. He cries after his sibling’s passing in a mishap. Mikey reviews his sibling’s recollections, including the cruiser he gave him.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 will likewise give a brief look at the historical backdrop of the gather development where Mikey and Takemichi stand together. This is trailed by an injection of Mikey riding his cruiser down the road with the remainder of his great Toman posse. Kazutora and Baji are additionally there.

The original Toman to lead was Mikey, trailed by Draken, Pah and Peh a portion of different organizers. The main cheering aspect of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 is the adoration among Draken and Emma that develops for a long. If not, the section will give tragic recollections from quite a while ago.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Release date

Next in line Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 won’t be out next week, since WSJ is on break. It would be out on 17th August, 2022.

Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Online

You can read the Tokyo Revengers manga officially on the Kodansha app

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