Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Raw: The Beginning Of Toman!!

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July 29, 2022 7:00 PM

Wakui further postpones the battle among Takemichi and Mikey as the most recent part bounces back to Mikey’s past. Also, with that, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Raw scans will give us early clues to what occurred next between Mikey and Draken before. Nonetheless, before that, how about we rapidly sum up what we know.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Raw

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Raw Scans

At this point, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 raw scans are here. Scroll down below to catch-up with it.

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A scene from chapter 223 that appeared in Draken's memoirs appears in Mikey's memoirs It was a really important day for them 😭#TokyoRevengers264 #TR264#TokyoRevengers265 #TR265#TokyoRevengers266 #TR266

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Leaks

The potential leaks for the chapter 264 are here-

  • Title of the chapter is- Not only the force but also.
  • A panel of Emma and Draken from childhood.
  • Nervous Emma meets Draken. Tall Draken is the reason for her nervousness.
  • A panel carries the image of crying Mikey. Looks like Shinichiro.
  • He’s crying after the death of his brother. Mikey remembers the memories of his brother, the motorcycle that he gifted to him.
  • Next panel shifted to the beginning of Toman.
  • Kazutora, Baji are also there at the time of formation. No Sanzu! It is still unclear why he was not the founder.
  • One panel shows Mikey and Takemichi standing together.
  • Toman first gen follows it’s leader Mikey, followed by Draken, Pah and Peh.
  • Kisaki is Back. Also a splitting image of Sanzu in his younger days.

More leaks would be updated.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 Recap

After the past chapters cliffhanger, the plot abruptly moved to Mikey’s young life. We see his dad giving him a toy figure cheerfully. His dad lets him know that the toy figure is areas of strength for a cool hero. Unfortunately, he winds up losing him in an auto collision when he’s just three years of age.

As the days cruise by, we see Mikey beat up students from grade school who guarantee to areas of strength for be. Mikey says that he detests feeble folks just later. Following this occurrence, we see him visit his mom in a clinic. At the point when he imparted to her how his day was, he referenced that he beat up certain understudies to the mash. Shockingly, his mom applauds his way of behaving and calls areas of strength for him, “similar to his dad.”

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Raw

After this episode, Mikey continued to pound more understudies and visited her mom one time each week. During one of his visits, he makes reference to how the folks he beat up consistently cry after they lose. His mother again empowers him by saying that youngsters simply cry without any problem. Mikey then, at that point, inquires as to whether his dad cried effectively as well. His mother answers that he seldom at any point cried out in the open and was an irredeemable man, with a grin.

The time then, at that point, jumps to when Mikey’s senior sibling surges in with news about their mom. They find her in a basic condition that would take her life for good this time. Along these lines, when he visits her for one final time, he tells her that he had another battle. He adds that the individuals who cry are essentially powerless. Since he is solid, he won’t cry and will safeguard her.

In any case, this time his mom lets him know that he isn’t solid since he won’t ever cry. Indeed, even he used to be a crybaby when he was pretty much nothing. The following board shows us that, following three days, his mom is no more.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Spoilers

We see Mikey subtly sob hysterically in the wake of losing her. He then, at that point, fosters serious areas of strength for a toward “feeble individuals.”

Following this, we see Mikey beat up Sanzu and compel him to snicker when he starts crying. Sanzu even follows his order. We see another situation where Baji and Mitsuya acclaim him for bringing down areas of strength for three alone. At this point, Mikey had become well known as perhaps of the most grounded delinquent.

They wind up examining a rudimentary understudy with a mythical beast tattoo on his sanctuary who saved the first-year secondary school student from his blackmailers. Following a couple of days, he winds up running into him. Mikey says that he adores solid folks when he faces Draken. The section closes without educating us seriously regarding their association.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Raw

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Release date

Chapter 264 will be out on 3rd of August, 2022, according to the timetable. Fortunately, we don’t have any break this week.

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