Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Raw Scans: Pachin vs Mikey, Battle Began.

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May 5, 2022 7:00 PM

Tokyo Revengers chapter 252 is scheduled to come out this following week, since the break is over.Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 gave readers what they sought by at last making Kokonoi come to Inui's rescue.That, yet Hanma and Mikey additionally join the fight by going into individual duels. No data about Senju or Takemichi has been revealed in this part, be that as it may.Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 is more reflective than the past four sections. It additionally addresses a few inquiries concerning Kokonoi's injury and his ensuing undesirable survival strategies. Hanma's short exchange brings up additional issues no time like the present Leaps.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Raw Scans

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Raw Scans would be updated here as soon as they arrive.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Recap

Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 is named "Get out of hand."Tokyo Revengers 251 starts with Koko warns Inui to leave the fight. Inui is furious with Benkei and Wakasa for joining the Kantou Manji pack. He helps them to remember their first Generation Black Dragon days and requests deals with serious consequences regarding their ongoing positions.Inui lands a punch on Wakasa and Benkei each, shouting that the second Generation of Toman has a similar soul as Shinichiro's cherished group, and for that reason he has decided to follow Takemichi. While Wakasa looks blameworthy, Benkei is aggravated and strikes Inui down. Defenseless, Inui shouts to Kokonoi for help, calling him his:

"One True Friend."

Kokonoi's revelation

As he watches the two previous Black Dragons pitilessly beat Inui, Koko is by all accounts frozen completely still with stress. While he needs to mediate, he understands that it is maybe past the point of no return, considering that he has picked Kantou Manji Gang. Moreover, he has generally focused on Akane over Seishu, something Koko is both mindful of and feels remorseful about., when Inui shouts to him, Koko is surprised into a revelation. A dream of Akane says thanks to him for all that he has done, encouraging him to carry on with his own life and settle on his own choices. Kokonoi understands that he has been obstinate by clutching Akane's recollections and declining to appropriately see Seishu.With his needs realigned, Kokonoi safeguards Inui from Benkei's punch and takes out the previous Black Dragon part. Inui is naturally cheerful about it, and in spite of the fact that Kokonoi calls him an inconvenient person, he looks similarly satisfied to be on similar side as his companion.

Hanma and Mikey join the Skirmish

Somewhere else, Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 shows Mikey studying the fight from his roost on a rail span. Discontent with the development, Mikey orders Hanma to deal with things. Hanma enjoyably consents to the request, removing his cover and showing perusers that he stays safe under it. and Mitsuya go over Chifuyu hauling forward a harmed yet victorious Atsushi. They praise each other on their individual successes, however Hanma abruptly shows up before them. He moves each of the four to a battle and refers to them as "Survivors of death."After Hanma leaves the extension, Pah-jaw comes up to Mikey. He inquires as to whether watching from above with no inclusion is acceptable, prior to moving him to a duel.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Raw Scans

Tokyo Revengers chapter 252 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers will be back with chapter 252 on May 11th.

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