Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Raw Scans: Senju vs Kawaragi, the battle Lines are drawn.

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April 1, 2022 7:00 PM

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Raw Scans have arrived.Chapter 247 of Tokyo Revengers begins with the two groups battling. Kakucho hits Chifuyu, and Sendo inquires as to whether he's okay. Takemichi punches Kakucho, and the Kawata siblings are dazzled.Shion, a previous captain of Black Dragon, pounds two children from Tokyo Manji because he needs to feel strong.Sendo and Chifuyu prepare to battle him, yet Mochizuki hauls him away because who doesn't need Chifuyu all to themselves. Mitsuya sees Mikey sitting in a strategic position, having fun. Will Mitsuya drag him down?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Raw Scans, Spoilers and Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Raw Scans

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Raw Scans are here-

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Recap

Sendo inquires about whether he is okay, and Chifuyu says he is, yet the Kakucho fellow is stunningly unique. The Kawata siblings witness Takemichi punching Kakucho and are intrigued by his battling abilities.Sendo sees every other person battling and having a good time, so he also chooses to toss a few punches. He lets Chifuyu know that he will not lose. Yamagishi sees Makoto and Takuya dropped from Madarame Shion's beatings.Shion, the previous Black Dragon chief, calls the folks he beat up "feed." Sendo and Chifuyu rush forward to thump him. However, Chifuyu gets hauled by Mochizuki into another battle. Shion takes a gander at Sendo and says, " more grub."Chifuyu says we should get this over with to Mochizuki. Mitsuya is punching individuals, and hollering, move the fuck. Indeed, even Mikey's gangsters think Mitsuya is astounding, yet he continues to search for Hakkai.Mitsuya sees Mikey sitting high to watch his pack battle and gets irritated. He says he'll drag Mikey down from that point. However, the Haitani siblings stop him and let Mitsuya know that he can't get to the manager without any problem.Mitsuya says he thought the Haitani kin generally played filthy to win. Senju is seen kicking and pounding individuals left and right. Inui searches for Coco while battling others.Hakkai hears Taka-chan getting thumped by the Haitani siblings, so he races to his salvage and slams one of the sibling's heads into the ground. So presently, it's Hakkai and Mitsuya versus the Haitani siblings.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Release Time

Due to COVID reasons, Tokyo Revengers 248 is on break. Tokyo Revengers 248 will be delivered on April 6, 2022.

Where Can I Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter for free?

Tokyo Revengers 248 authority permit holder is Kodanshacomics, and fans can buy the singular volumes by visiting their authority sites. Likewise, they can see other private sites to stay updated on the most recent parts. We will keep on distributing Tokyo Revengers articles. So watch out for us up to that point.

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