Shalnark HxH: Powers, Abilities and Relationship.

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November 22, 2020 6:00 PM

Shalnark HxHShalnark HxH is the member of a heinous crime syndicate named as Phantom Troupe. He is ranked 10th on the basis of his physical strength. Overall he was ranked either 6th or 9th, as his position wasn’t cleared by the writers.Shalnark’s appearance is more of an average high school boy who was known for lively nature. He has blond hairs and big green eyes. He used to wear a lavender outfit. He like other members of the troupe wears a spider tattoo on his back that is yet to be revealed in front of the fans.He is the live character who doesn’t get involved in heated arguments unlike other members of the troupes. He used to be great friends with Feitan and along with him used to play or mock other team members. He was a loyal member of the team as well to Chrollo and served as an intelligence gatherer of the troupe. He is highly intelligent and thought quickly on his feet. There is not known about the background of his past but like others, he might also hail from the meteor city. He disliked his Autopilot mode as he doesn’t get satisfied as what he has done in that mode.

shalnark hxh

He was one of the founding members of the troupe so he would have existed dosing the Kurta clan massacre and he even cleared Hunter exam and earned a license.Shalnark greatly cared for every member of his troupe and had special bounding with Uvogin, Pakunoda, and Chrollo. When Chrollo got captured he insisted that to follow Pakunoda and hunt the chain user down.Just like others, Shalnark is also efficient in using his skills and heavily relies on his Nen abilities. He is a manipulator and the only Nen technique that he uses is Hatsu. He uses remote to control his victim by place antenna on the target. His special moves are Black voice and Autopilot: On. Shalnark HxH met his demise by the hands of Hisoka.

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