Sanji Vs Rob Lucci in Wano. Huge Foreshadowing by Oda

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December 13, 2021 6:00 PM

Since One Piece is on peak and the next One Piece chapter 1035 would give an update of the fight between Sanji and Queen, this would further help us understand is Sanji vs Rob Lucci is really up on the cards?

In Sora warrior of the Sea, ( A childhood tale in North Blue sea ), Sora ( A marine hero with seagull( bird as a pet), which parallels Rob Lucci with pigeon ( bird pet ) ) fights with Germa 66 no. 3 Stealth Black ( which parallels Sanji ) ..

As we know that, Rob Lucci is coming to wano to make wano in world Government's side and to capture Nico Robin. We might see a fight between Sanji and Rob Lucci.

May be, luffy and Zoro will be badly hurt after fight kaido and king respectively and only one who can take on him is Sanji. Sanji will protect Nico Robin and will repay the favor of her as she protected sanji from Black maria.

We may see another epic moment like Zoro's " Nothing Happened" as in thriller bark. So excited about what Oda has planed for future.


Sanji vs Rob Lucci in Wano

Oda has foreshadowed Sanji vs Rob Lucci Fight in WanoThis may be visible as a parallel with Lucci and his pet pigeon Hattori.Furthermore, Sora fights the “No. 3” member of Germa sixty-six that the comedian is called Stealth Black. According to Trafalgar Law, Stealth Black`s healthy and cap potential fit Sanji`s Raid Suit.As we know, Rob Lucci led a fleet toward Wano Country. He spoke with one of the CPO`s retailers thru Den Den Mushi and ordered to seize Nico Robin.I wager Nico Robin might be very near being captured with the aid of using the Marines or CP0 (especially Rob Lucci), and Sanji might be the only one to keep her.Sanji is the maximum prepared to pull a sneak operation on those pulling a sneak function. Sanji has wakened his exoskeleton like his Vinsmokes siblings.That`s a massive power-up on Sanji thinking about his substantial weak spot is his durability. With those new upgrades (and ability destiny upgrades), I don`t assume Sanji might be extraordinarily harmful to the factor of now no longer being capable of a move, in comparison to Luffy and Zoro, who may thoroughly be on your step to dying whilst their fights are over.Ultimately this will be a manner for Sanji to pay off Robin for saving him from Black Maria.

Can Sanji Surpass Rob Lucci?

Rob Lucci become the principal antagonist of Enies Lobby arc. He became part of CP-9; however, after being crushed via way of means of Luffy, the group became disbanded.Afterwards, Lucci joined CP-zero and began out operating with them. Lucci possesses Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard. It is a zoan kind of Devil fruit, which offers him excellent power and recovery.Lucci has an extraordinary deal of manipulation over it, and it has best advanced due to his remaining assembly with the Straw Hats. Sanji has sufficient talent to surpass Lucci within side the future.Source:

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