Record of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Spoilers: Huang in Trouble, Hades has Upper Hand!

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April 26, 2022 7:00 PM

The best of the mange series has been showcased in chapter 61 between the battle of hades and Huang. The Next in line Record of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Spoilers would see the concluison of the battle.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 62Spoilers

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Spoilers

The Record of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Spoilers are here-

  • Hades suddenly hits himself and blood can be seen all over his body.
  • He is also singing the song his brother Poseiden used to sing.
  • Kojiro Sasaki is wondering what is the true meaning of this Hades hurting himself?
  • Huang is also confused about this self-harm technique.
  • Hades then goes to attack Huang, and Huang counters with an air bullet.
  • Hades sees the bullet this time as it hits the blood first.
  • Hades diverts the flow and takes minimum damage.
  • Hades then releases a fatal blow but Huang manages to dodge it.
  • Huang still can not believe that his air bullets are not working.
  • Ares is impressed by Hades’ determination.
  • There is something special about his blood.
  • Hades’ blood collects into his bident and transforms into something like a crystal.
  • This bident now has five sharp knife-like things and then converts into one.
  • Hades’ Bident and Poseidon’s trident merged and forms a new weapon.
  • Huang retreats for a second but then joins the fight and heads on.
  • Huang tries to attack but can not control the flow of power and gets seriously injured on his back.
  • Looks like Huang just survived the fight by a margin of inches.
  • Huang can only use one arm now.
  • The tables have turned on Huang and he is in trouble now.
  • We are getting Two chapters this month too.
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Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Raw Scans

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Raw Scans.Check out the below Link-

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 61 Recap

Qin Shi Huang and Hades take part in a savage clash of moves. Lord Qin tore a piece of tissue from his body with a tremendous kick from the hand of the God of Hell. Beelzebub saw Adamas and Beelzebub play (indeed, Adamas was revived). Satan predicts. Hades will win this duel.On the ring, Hades experienced a physical issue. At the point when Qin Wang saw this, he was similarly stung. Then, at that point, Hades started to sing. sang his number one Poseidon tune and presented smoothly, prepared to end the challenge.This chapter's title is 'The Pride of the King of the Dead'. The section opens into a room with tall containers containing unusual animals. One of them breaks free and begins running fiercely. Adamas comes in and stops it.He asks Beelzebub for what reason he has been making these animals. Satan avoids the inquiry by saying that Adamas' body seems as though it doesn't have issues. Adamas shouts at him, asking what is he doing there. To this, Beelzebub answers that he has been holding back to make something that would ultimately kill him. predicts that Hades would lose to Qin Shi at any rate. The two watch the match on a screen—the scene movements to the battling pit. Abbadon is depleted and recognizes Qin Shi's value as the King of the World.He cuts his chest with his harpoon and starts singing. A picture of Poseiden shows up toward the back. Zeus makes sense that Hades, the King of the Underworld, would effectively win. Qin Shi is befuddled and somewhat shifted about what is to come.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Release Date

Along these lines, Chapter 62 of the Ragnarok Chronicles will be provided. On April 25th, 2022, the chapter will be given.

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