Pokemon: Top 5 Saddest moments in Pokémon

Manta Ray
November 26, 2020 6:00 PM

"Top 5 Saddest moments in Pokémon There are times when it really gets difficult to keep on watching anime. With overflowing emotions, scintillating and heart-breaking moments, there is no way you can close the tap of running water from your eyes and nose. All these attributes make up an anime series and its bind us together free of all prejudice and stereotype. Pokémon, over the fears, has done the same for us, there are times when it tickle us with laughter, make us smile while some moments make us nostalgic in montage way. Below are some top moments of Top 5 Saddest moments in Pokémon which has stirred our emotions and have made us sad and touched our heart.

  1. Release of Butterfree

When Butterfree first joined the crew way back it was still just a little cute Caterpie. It was Ash’s first ever Pokémon which he caught. As the journey counted, Caterpie evolves into Metapod, and then finally to Butterfree. Battle after battle the bond between them grew stronger and when it was finally time to bid him Farewell, Ash’s heart cried tears of agony and sadness. He never thought that he had to part his way with Butterfree. But for the sake of his Pokémon, he let him go. The episode was lit by goodbyes and a flashback full of old memories, which made every fan evocative.

  1. Ash’s decision for Pikachu

In a very gut-wrenching episode of Pokémon world, Ash was on the verge of making his biggest mistake of his life by taking a decision of parting his ways with his yellow BFF, which he thought was a correct choice for Pikachu. The Episodes no 39 was full of some wistful and nostalgic moments. The Flashback made the condition even worse, as the background was lit by memories of the Duo.

  1. Till we meet Again

After their Johto adventure the trio of Ash, Brock, and Misty, it was finally time to bid Goodbye and continue on their further Quest. The episode responsible was well lit with stirring and swirling emotions. Ash gifted Misty her bike and was seen grinning. Misty being more mature than the other two felt the ache in her heart of being separated. Actually, this was the time when Misty realized her feelings for Ash and for her it was uncontrollable.

  1. Get Stronger Charizard

After immense persuading Charizard, when it looked like the bond between Ash and his flame Pokémon was getting on right track, time separated them. In episode 134 “Charizard’s Burning Ambition†the group visited a valley reserved for Charizards and here Ash found himself in a tight spot. In order to prove himself superior Charizard fought against other Charizards living in the reserve and suffered a crushing defeat. Ash finally decided it was time to leave Charizard in the valley to train and with heavy heart bid goodbye to his strongest Pokémon. The episode saw ash running away from Charizard with head held down and latter breathing fire in the air with the roar of thunder. Pikachu bidding farewell to his counterpart was also quite emotional. Top 5 Saddest moments in Pokémon1.“We’ll all be cold togetherâ€

In Episode no 64 “Snow Way out†Ash and his Pokémon got separated from Misty and Brock. Things soon when downhill and they found themselves trapped in a snow-filled cave with wind and snowing in the background. Ash took great measures to keep his Pokémon’s warm but the other resisted and they came out of their Poke balls and hurdled around Ash, hugging him with affection.  "

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