One Punch Man Chapter 179 - Tsukuyomi Members Escape, Saitama Vs Tatsumaki

One Punch Man Chapter 179 is out, and fans are excited to see the showdown between Tatsumaki and Saitama. But what happens next?

Mary Ham
February 8, 2023 6:00 PM

If you're a fan of action anime, One Punch Man is a series that you should check out. It has an exciting plot and great animation.

The latest chapter of the manga shows that Tsukuyomi members are able to escape Saitama's grip. However, he is still on the hunt for the culprit.

Tatsumaki vs. Saitama

In One Punch Man chapter 179, mangaka Yusuke Murata delivers a fight that fans have been waiting to see for months. This is the first time that fans will get to see Saitama vs Tatsumaki in full force.

The battle begins as Saitama refuses to let go of Tatsumaki's wrist, leading her to use her psychic abilities at full-blast. She tries to hit him, but Saitama doesn't let go and hits her with an even more powerful blast.

This angers Tatsumaki, who slashes at him again. She also starts firing a psychic tornado at him, lobbing rocks and hurting the environment around them.

Tatsumaki vs. Blizzard Group

In the manga, Saitama was grabbing onto Tatsumaki to try and stop her from hurting the Blizzard Group members. However, the proximity made her feel uncomfortable.

As they were in the middle of the battle, Tatsumaki was able to increase the strength of her psychic abilities. This caused the building to tremble and collapse.

Meanwhile, the Tsukuyomi members were able to escape from the battle and get to safety. This was because of a tornado that was emitted from Tatsumaki.

While Tatsumaki was creating the tornado, she was also trying to throw rocks at Saitama and his group. As she was doing this, one of the rocks accidentally went in the path of a civilian family that was driving to the Hero Association.

As Tatsumaki was throwing the rocks, she remembered how she felt when Saitama patronized her. The thought enraged her.

In the latest chapter of One Punch Man, Tatsumaki attacks Saitama randomly and destroys buildings. The other heroes and civilians are afraid of her attacks, as they could break down the buildings and cause a disaster.

But as she throws more rocks, one accidentally goes to a civilian Shrine that was driving away. This makes Tatsumaki even more angry.

As she continues her assault, Saitama tries to deflect her attack and saves the civilian Shrine at the last second. This is a common practice by heroes to protect civilians from the dangers of monsters, villains, and natural disasters.

She also tries to frame Saitama as the reason for the destruction of the civilians’ infrastructure. She says that he was trying to run away from her and call him a baldy.

The most anticipated fight between One Punch Man’s two strongest heroes finally begins. But this battle will take a very different route than readers of the digital manga have seen.

Tatsumaki is a powerful psychic with psychokinesis, which lets her manipulate objects and wind with the mind. She’s also capable of flight and can defy gravity.

She’s been one of the best espers in One Punch Man for a long time, but her powers are only as strong as her willpower. Now, she’s going to be pushed to the limit by Saitama for the first time.

This is a major moment in the series. This is when the world will learn who is stronger, Saitama or Tatsumaki.

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