One Piece: Zoro all opponents faced and defeated

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"Zoro all opponents faced and defeated Hello Mina-san, today I’m here to list down all the opponents Zoro faced throughout the course of his journey in becoming the “The Greatest Swordsman in the Worldâ€.


Captain Morgan- Zoro was introduced in the series as a prisoner of Captain Morgan and was scheduled to be executed the other day. Later on, he managed to slice numbskull captain, thus defeating him. Buggy Pirates- Strawhats got themselves mixed in a scuffle with Buggy pirates. Zoro ends up defeating all of them, only sparing buggy for Luffy. Nyaban Brothers and Kuro- In the syrup village Zoro met NyabanBrothers and took no trouble in proving their dominance and end up defeating them. He also launched counterattacks against the captain of Black Cat Pirates, Kuro. Mihawk- Zoro faced Mihawk in Baratie Arc. In order to become the greatest swordsman, he challenged the current title holder. Despite his unique three sword style technique he still suffered a crushing defeat. But the fight ended on a positive note with Hawkeye praising Zoro for his tenacity.

Hachi- next in line of Zoro all opponents faced and defeated defeated Hachi, a wielder of six sword technique. To prove his skills superior to that of Zoro he clashed with them. Still recovering from Mihawk’s slash, Zoro had little troubles fighting him and soon defeated him with his superior skills. Tashigi- at Loguetown Zoro ran into Tashigi a marine and ended up dueling with her. She was no match for him and he left the fight in between without giving any injuries to her.


Baroque Works- This incident echoed the name of Zoro throughout the Grandline. The Strawhats got foxed and ended up in bounty hunters nest. All the other Strawhats were down and dusted with the party mood but not Zoro. He saw through the cunning plan of Baroque Works and ended up slicing all the 100 bounty hunters as well as top rank mercenaries of the organization available at whiskey peak. Zoro all opponents faced and defeated

Mr. 1 – From all his opponents so far the assassin from West Blue Daz bones or Mr. 1 was quite formidable and difficult one. He met Daz bones in Alabasta. Daz bones have the ability of Dice- Dice fruits and could turn his body into a knife. As the battle progressed Zoro found his back against the wall at no occasions but in the battle itself he learned to cut steel and sliced him with his enticing swordplay.

Skypiean Opponents- in Skypiea Arc when he was taking a stroll he was intercepted with Braham, a Shandia warrior and got engaged in battle with him. With his 36 pound cannon, he sliced the warrior. Later, he took Chooper’s revenge by defeating Ohm. He defeated the priest with, 108-pound cannon.

Davy Jones fight- Zoro joined hands with his most hated person deck, Sanji and took on foxy pirates in a game. At first, the fight didn’t go as per they predicted due to lack of coordination between the duo. But later on, they launched overwhelming counterattacks and thus defeated the trio of foxy pirates. Admiral Aokiji- Zoro and others fought briefly with Admiral Aokiji just before their destination of Water 7s. Zoro struggled against the admiral and ended up getting defeated.

Franky Family- Zoro along with the other Strawhats attacked the Franky Family to avenge Usopp, who was ransacked off his money and got pummeled due to his resistance. T-Bone- Zoro encountered T-Bone “The Ship Cutter†on the tracks of sea train. Zoro asked him to get off the tracks, while the ship cutter launched an attack on Zoro. Zoro managed to see through his attack and dismantled it. Finally, he sent T-Bone flying with his own counterattack. Zoro all opponents faced and defeatedKaku- Kaku used to be a no 2 fighter of the CP-9 and was a swordsman himself. He used a unique technique of four-word- style. Both of them had a little interaction at Water 7s, with Kaku leashing Zoro with easily. But at their second altercation in Ennies Lobby, Zoro fought on par with Kaku. He managed to defeat him with his new demonic power of Ashura and managed to obtain the key.

Also Read- Top 10 Strongest Characters in One PieceRyuuma- Zoro met Ryuuma at Thriller Bark with Brook’s shadow in him. Zoro admired the black sword of the samurai and challenged him for a fight. After a rapid-fire altercation, Zoro got the better of Ryuuma and claimed victory with his Hiryu Kaen attack and end up obtaining the Black Sword Shusuui of the samurai.

Kuma- Zoro fought Kuma at two separate occasions and was defeated at each time (it is due to Zoro already worn out and in no state of another battle).


Hody Jones and Hyouzou- In fishmen Island Zoro were able to defeat a fish like Hody inside water. With his observation Haki, he managed to cut him up even with his eyes closed. Later Zoro intercepted Hyouzou in his quest of attacking Robin. He took on the 8-sword-style master and put him to sleep with just one vigorous attack. Monet- in Punk Hazard, Zoro came face to face with a Logia devil fruit eater, Monet. He first allowed Tashigi, the marine captain to take on Monet, while he sat cross-legged on the floor. But when he noticed Tashigi in trouble he kissed the cheeks of Monet with his Busoshoku Haki infused sword and sliced it upon. After that, it took him one attack of Daishinkan to defeat and paralyze Monet with his monstrous skills. Zoro all opponents faced and defeated

Fujitora- Zoro was confronted by Admiral Fujitora and intercepted him in between his attack on Doflamingo. Zoro got trapped in his gravity attack and was sent straight to hell. Zoro managed to counterattack with his flying long-range slice and got out of the Fujitora‘s gravity clutches.

Also Read- All Known Bounties of former Members of Worst GenerationPica- Zoro engaged in a battle with the top executive of Don Quixote family. Pica was never a match for Zoro and without sweating much he put down pica to rest with his superior skills and Busoshoku Haki infused swords. He sliced pica in the air with his profuse attack of Diasen Sekai and then bifurcated with Ichidai: Sanzen.

Carrot- At Zou, when Zoro arrived with Luffy and others in order to meet Sanji and Co, he was confronted by Carrot but his quick thinking and Haki evaded Carrot's surprise attack and carrot was taken aback by this confrontation.

Wano Arc

Samurais- Upon arriving in Wano, despite living under the alias of a Ronin, he just couldn't keep himself out of danger and was taken prisoner by the administrators, on the pretence of robbery of Ryuuma sword. But when he was pressurised to do Seppuku, he sliced all of them. Basil Hawkins- Upon arriving in the deserted city and meeting Luffy, they were chased by Hawkins who was the headliner of the flower capital and attacked the duo. But Zoro was more than enough for Hawkins attack. As he managed to defeat Hawkins and evade his range attack easily.

Smile users- Zoro easily took down many Smile users. Killer- In his fight with Killer, he was faced with a smiling Killer who has earlier lost his sanity and tried to sneak attack Zoro but Zoro was way out of his league. Despite being struck by a reaper, he just smiled and took down Killer with just one single Santoryu attack.

Currently Wano Arc is in full swing, so there might be some more matchups which are in await for Zoro.

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