One Piece Zeus: How powerful is Nami with his new homie partner?

Manta Ray
December 10, 2020 6:00 PM

"One Piece Zeus

It is no secret that at the end of WCI Arc Name had a major powerup. She was able to lay her hands on the subordinate of Big Mom, was attracted, tortured and conquered by Nami and her uncanny skills. Yeah, I was really amazed when I came to know about it. Seriously this “Cat Burglar†had the biggest haul of her life. From stealing petty cash and treasures she has now become proficient in manipulation and knows what bait would fetch her big fish. Seeing abilities and powers of homie, he sure is a big fish. With the introduction of One Piece Zeus in her arsenal certainly brings more diversity in her weapons and Zeus further has enhanced the power level of Nami. One Piece Zeus is quite powerful and over the whole Arc of WCI, he has proved his worth to the Strawhats. He is a homie that had been created and formed by Big Mom by her abilities. He used to serve Big Mom by following her commands. His main job was to fly Big Mom over the oceans and attack at her command by eclipsing big thunderclouds. It can fly at incredible speed and can unleash huge storms.

One Piece Zeus has two powerful attacks that he was seen unleashing at straw hats. He used Raitie, which involves striking down opponents with a huge electric fist. It was used first time at Vinsmoke Judge and was so powerful that it instantly knocked him out. One another attack of his is Zeus Breeze Tempo. This was an unwitting attack that was used by Nami. She fed Zeus with black clouds making him expand and with just one single ignite of lightning it created LARGE LIGHTNING. Zeus lives inside the Clima-tact baton of Nami and accepted the fact that he is the new slave of Nami.

But after the arrival of Big Mom in the Wano Kingdom, Zeus has gone back to serve her Mama but it won't be long for Nami to again him retrieve back. Also Read: One piece spoilers 998"

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