One Piece: Why Sanji not getting what he deserves as being the left hand man of future Pirate King?

Manta Ray
December 27, 2020 6:00 PM

Hail to Sanji san

Legendary One Piece Chapter 1000-

After much anticipation and rooting for the legend Oda to come with his masterpiece, the legendary One Piece chapter 1000, their wishes have finally come true, and guess what this chapter is nothing short of a flabbergasting manga.

But Apart from that, I want to draw your attention towards something that some of you might have missed it altogether. The One Piece chapter 1000 carried everyone's a part of screen time like Zoro, Luffy, Law, Kidd, Nine-tailed-Scabbards, Minks, Marco, King, Queen, Kaido, Big Mom and even some natively not os important characters, but we still couldn't see the left hand man of future pirate king, Prince of Germa 66, and the chef of straw-hat pirates, Black Leg Sanji.

I mean I know Oda-san is doing his best to give us masterpiece Arcs one after another and is perfect when it comes to character development as well. He's known of linking miniscule dots and notching up a story out of it. But when it comes on the character development of Sanji then I must say Oda san is not doing one hell of a Job.

Sanji was the 3rd character to join Luffy's crew officially, (Nami joined after Arlong Park Arc) and since had been a member of the official Monster Trio and had found himself at the same ground with Luffy and Zoro.
Before the straw-hats entered the Grandline, the power level between the Minster Trio was not so evident and they still stood at equal grounds, with important wins under their belt.

But after they entered the Grandline, things started to go out of place for Sanji. Zoro being the swordsman, grew stronger but his self-proclaimed rival Sanji failed to keep up with it.
It's pretty obvious that since Luffy is the main protagonist of the story, and being the captain of the ship he got to be strong AF. But there is a need for his cook to get some more character improvisation.

There, I said it. Oda has ruined this character. I am a fan of Zoro and Franky, and want to be of Sanji too, but especially lately find it hard to do so.

Let me start why:

1)Sanji is always second to Zoro.

And that's ok. Sanji doesn't have to be stronger or equal or even compare to him. As long as the rivalry between them doesn't exist. Since it exists, and Sanji always compares himself to Zoro, then he looks stupid every time we are reminded that he is weaker. And let's be honest, he is. Sanji broke his leg against vergo, while Zoro defeated pica (second in command) very easily. The power gap before the raid suit was enormous.

On the other hand, Franky is also weaker than Zoro (and sanji), but it doesn't feel bad. He has embraced his powers, he knows where he stands, and he is man enough to keep fighing. Sanji on the other hand seems like the insecure child who will always be second. And it's not ok.


Show us that Zoro and Sanji are of similar power level, for example have them defeat king and queeen, or end the rivalry for ever and stop showing off Sanji like a antagonizing child.

2) Sanji keeps losing and appears weak in general.

Breaking his leg against Vergo? Seriously? Vergo was one of the weakest of the Doffy pirates. And Sanji's is supposed to have powerful legs. Also against Doffy, Sanji had no chance. How are we to believe that because of raid suit he became so much better to fight Kaido's crew? Doesn't make sense to me. Also his battles in the whole cake island weren't anything special. The djinni son? Who even remembers him?


Some may not-like this, but I think that Sanji should have defeated Katakuri, and advance his haki to the next level. This would give him a power that no other straw hat has, Luffy would be shown to be above yonko commander level, and since we still don't know Zoro's actual strength, it would be believable that they would be somewhere close.

3) The raid suit is a huge dis-service to the character.

As mentioned above, we can all agree that Sanji without the raid suit would pretty much be fodder in Wano. Nami would be far stronger with zeus, and Jinbei would have thrown him off the monster trio. So, the one and only reason the character is still somehow strong is because of the suit. Also, his character is inconsistent regarding the suit. He hates his family, he said he would never use the suit, and only did because he was too weak otherwise. Not a good character Built-up Oda, not at all....


Reiju, the only good sibling, should have died on Whole cake, maybe saving the rest of the family, and she should have given her raid suit to Sanji. Reiju would have the black suit originally, and Sanji would continue using it as a tribute to her. Also, it's power could be manifested by Sanji defeating Katakuri after using it and awakening advanced observation haki.

4) Whole cake island was a disaster and provided Sanji with nothing.

Already mentioned above, but Sanji didn't have any major fights, didn't get any powerups (he used the raid suit after this arc), and the suit that he got, he didn't want it. But he used it because he was weak. The only thing that changed was getting a girl to love him, and a running gag about his high bounty (which we all know will change after Wano).


As said above, the raid suit should be a gift from Reiju after she dies. That way he would want to wear it.

Also, during his stay on the island, Katakuri, seeing his good observation haki and the potential it holds, should have started training him in advanced observation haki. During the last fight (Katakuri vs Sanji) Sanji would master it, and with the help of both that and the raid suit would defeat Katakuri. That would be a much better character arc.

5) He is absent from everything.

Wasn't there during much of Dressrosa, isn't a member of the worst generation, and in Wano is stuck fighting spider lady while Zoro is saying that he will cut Kaido, and all shows he will. Sanji has history with Big Mom, so he should be up there with Luffy and Zoro against Big Mom. Let's hope it will happen in the end.

What do you guys think? Anything to add?


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