One Piece: Who is the most controversial character in One Piece?

Manta Ray
December 9, 2020 6:00 PM

"My dips on Absalom for being the most controversial character in One Piece. He was getting groped, and rapey certainly created a ruckus back when he appeared. A few people thought it was fine and others thought Oda went excessively far and were irate. I mean questionable to the fans, not really in the OP universe. But he was subjected in becoming the most controversial character in One Piece. In the real OP world, it's somewhat difficult to state because the world is so separated. There are residents, divine mythical serpents, Marines, royals, and pirates. In reality, we essentially just have residents and government officials. The residents are painstakingly protected from sees the world government hates, so it's difficult to single out any one issue that the individuals of the OP world find disputable. If I should pick one, I'd likely choose the Shichibukai framework.

Individuals have programmed into deduction all privateers are loathsome so it probably been odd to see the public authority instructing them that working with those same pirates: some unfathomably scandalous and ground-breaking ones, no less. I am sure a decent lump of the residents think the public authority has it taken care of while different pieces of the populace would oppose this idea. Among the celestials, I surmise everyday freedoms would be dubious, however, since quite a little minority of the celestials care about fundamental liberties, there' very little of a current debate.

They practically all concur they are unrivalled creatures above every other person and don't have to mess with privileges of lesser creatures. I don't generally observe any debates among the celestials. For the Marines, I gotta highlight the Shichibukai framework once more. Marines do get more presentation than residents be that as it may, simultaneously, they are made out of the residents and generally buy into similar perspectives. Marines realize the Yonkou are excessively incredible; however, are clashed about working with pirates.

Among sovereignty, most are childish and need just what's best for themselves. On the off chance that they need to improve their nation, it's merely because it will profit them also. I surmise the debate here is which nation's issues are so squeezing they should be given consideration first. For pirates, such participation with the world government could be seen with scorn, yet this is practically general among pirates, so there isn't a lot of contention. What could cause discussion among buccaneers would presumably be something like where Raftel is found, regardless of whether the One Piece even exists, and so forth Be that as it may, after Whitebeard's passing, this has reduced. Also Read: Boku no Hero Academia spoilers"

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