One Piece: The Genius Scientific "MADS" Group

If you're a fan of One Piece, then you probably have heard of the MADS group. It is comprised of characters such as Caesar Clown, Dr. Vegapunk, and Stussy.

The MADS group consists of many members that are very well known to the general public, but it also consists of a few characters that are less common.

Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown is an expert in chemical weapons of mass destruction. He was a member of the MADS group 24 years ago. However, he has been a traitor to the World Government and WG.

His main goal was to bring down Kaido of the Thousand Beasts, but he was also involved in child trafficking and human experiments. That is why the Devil Fruit is so big a deal.

The devil fruit is a chemical that changes into a gas. It can change the form of objects and people. It can also make a person incomprehensible, like a zombie.

In One Piece, the Devil Fruit was also used to create a device called the KX Launcher. This weapon is powerful enough to kill Yonko.

Vinsmoke Judge

The Vinsmoke Judge is one of the main characters of One Piece. He is a large middle-aged man with long blonde hair and a pointed mustache. His robe is gray with a golden-yellow cape.

He is the king of the Germa Kingdom. This kingdom is a major underworld army. It's also the secondary antagonist in the Whole Cake Island Arc.

He is a former member of the MADS. MADS was a group of talented scientists. They were the ones who discovered the Lineage Factor years ago.

He fought with the World Government, and his family was labeled traitors. However, he became more allies with the Straw Hat Pirates when they helped him rescue his children from Big Mom.

He is a highly skilled scientist and creator of deadly viruses. He also created artificial Devil Fruits.

Dr. Vegapunk

Vegapunk is a scientist that was born in a technologically advanced island called Karakuri. He has been hailed as one of the greatest scientists of all time.

Vegapunk has worked with the MADS group, a scientific research organization that was illegal. His creations include Pacifista and Seraphim. In addition to this, he has created a very powerful heating system for the island.

Vegapunk is also a talented musician. He creates a variety of musical instruments and is known to be quite attractive. However, he is not heartless.

In the One Piece series, Vegapunk's role is of utmost importance. Throughout the years, he has made many incredible discoveries. Among them, he discovered the Lineage Factor, which is the blueprint of life.

During his early years, Vegapunk designed several devices. However, he did not have the funding to finish his projects.


The fifth member of the MADS group in One Piece is named Stussy. This has left many fans wondering about the person's identity. However, the latest spoilers from One Piece chapter 1072 reveal that Stussy is a clone of a former Rocks Pirates member.

The mystery girl is believed to be the clone of a member of the Rocks Pirates. In addition to this, the character's hairstyle and clothing style are reminiscent of Stussy. If this is true, then this would explain a lot of things about the character.

As a member of the MADS, Stussy has access to various scientific weapons. She may also have knowledge of how the Egghead Island's security system works. Her knowledge could allow her to help the CP0 agents to destroy the security system.


In the One-Piece universe, the MADS is a scientific research group that worked in secret for years. This group of masked vigilantes was responsible for a number of scientific advancements. They were considered the best scientists in their field. However, the group was disbanded when the World Government started to interfere.

The MADS was made up of a cyborg, the "Queen," and a group of geniuses. Among these are Vinsmoke Judge and Dr. Vegapunk.

They were also responsible for the creation of artificial Devil Fruits. These fruit-like plants interact with bloodline elements to increase a person's power. There are actually two kinds of Devil Fruits: one is called the Ryu Ryu no Mi and the other is called the Brachiosaurus.

A cyborg is a machine that has the ability to change its shape, size, or function. It can transform into a man-beast, a Pteranodon, or a hybrid of a prehistoric beast and human.


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