One Piece SBS Volume 101: Shanks Crew Members Revealed

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December 3, 2021 6:00 PM

Shanks and his pirate group were given the spotlight in the new One Piece SBS Volume 101.The Red Hair Pirates have been ascending in unmistakable quality recently.

Following quite a while of prowling in the shadows, Shanks and his group are at last taking their actions.

The impending One Piece Red film is an extremely thrilling possibility for some fans. Eiichiro Oda chose to give more data in front of the film’s Release.

Shanks Crew Revealation: One Piece SBS Volume 101

One Piece SBS Volume 101 gives more detail on the Red Hair Pirates, including the names of the team individuals and their relative strength. Fans have been holding up quite a while to look into this amazing team. It appears as though Oda will unveil more data about the popular privateer.

This blog will give a short outline on the central matters. One Piece SBS has been extremely quick to fanatics of the Red Hair Pirates.

Oda uncovered barely enough to get the fans energized, just before Shanks and his team displayed up once more. Here are the primary action items from the One Piece SBS.
Shanks has a great armada

Oda has at long last affirmed that Shanks has an incredible armada available to him. Preceding this uncover, Shanks had never been seen running a significant association. He was distinctly with his privateer group, which doesn’t have an excessive number of tenants.

This new news is a welcome one for the fans. Emperor of the Sea need something beyond actual power. They likewise need tremendous assets to complete their will. Knifes is presently up there with Kaidou and Big Mom as far as labor.
Some data about Rockstar

One Piece SBS likewise reveals some insight into the youngster pirate Rockstar. Fans might recollect him back in the Jaya bend. His main significant appearance was handing-off a message to Whitebeard before the conflict.

One Piece SBS Volume 101 gives more understanding regarding his present power level.Oda portrays Rockstar as an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

Notwithstanding, he is as yet thought to be a freshman by One Piece guidelines. Rockstar is likewise not among the principle chiefs in the Red Hair Pirates.

One Piece SBS Volume 101, has given a full rundown of names for the anonymous team individuals. They were first seen back in the Marineford Arc, when Shanks shut down the conflict.

Here are the names of these baffling characters, as indicated by the One Piece SBS:

  • Lime Juice (a man with the sunglass and skull cap)
  • Bonk Punch (the grinning man with the monkey)
  • Monster (monkey)
  • Building Snake (the tremendous pirate with a snake tattoo across his neck)
  • Hongou (a man with a pig tail)
  • Howling Gab (the monster)
One Piece SBS Volume 101

One Piece Shanks film

What does ‘One Piece Red’ mean for the manga one year from now?
Oda accomplished something practically the same in a past SBS, where he uncovered every one of the names of the Roger Pirates. This was reasonable done since he probably won’t have the opportunity to do as such later. All things considered, these are tertiary foundation characters, however it’s great to know their names.

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