One Piece: Robin's New Transformation Makes Her a True 'Demon Child'

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August 11, 2021 7:00 PM

It’s felt like Nico Robin, perhaps the most inconspicuous and captivating individuals from the Straw Hats, has been taking a secondary lounge for a long while in One Piece. However, since the Wano bend started, she’s been managed the cost of a bigger job and Onigashima has furnished perusers with a genuinely necessary one-on-one battle against the terrible Black Maria. With the finish of this bone-breaking battle in Chapter #1021, Robin uncovers another, more wicked side. The One Piece Chapter 1022 spoilers will unfold something more for your liking.

With her gigantic clone showed, Robin endeavors to tighten Black Maria – nonetheless, the 8-legged creature lady is adequately cunning to tell that assaulting Robin’s Hana-Hana arms will harm the genuine Robin. She then, at that point traps Robin’s clone with her networks and, with the huge objective currently controlled, starts her bleeding beatdown.


To hold back from falling oblivious, Robin disperses her clone and attempts again to get Black Maria, just for the oiran to make an obstruction of consuming networks for insurance. Dark Maria thinks she has this battle totally taken care of, despite the fact that Brook trusts it would be in the tarantula lady’s wellbeing to run – in any event, when she begins thrashing on Robin with bleeding clench hand after ridiculous clench hand.

One Piece Chapter #1021 then furnishes a flashback from Robin’s experience with the Revolutionary Army when the group was isolated. Koala and Sabo are obstinate that she ought to take in some Fishman Karate from them, and the inquisitive Robin chooses to take up the offer. It appears to be the exercise is presently proving to be useful likewise with simply a solitary huge palm strike, Robin breaks the roof above them, making the rubble snuff out Black Maria’s flares.

Robin then, at that point lifts herself up in a structure we’ve never seen, with glossy dark skin and devilish wings. In a line that echoes a similar slant as Chopper during the Fishman Island Arc, Robin calls out, “I can be an evil spirit on the off chance that I need to. I’ll do it for individuals who genuinely need me… for individuals who are depending on me!” Despite considering her only a devil youngster this whole battle, seeing Robin take that very structure makes Black Maria escape in dread. Nonetheless, with a drove of her insidious hands, Robin gets the lowlife and finishes the battle with one bone-breaking grip of devilish extents.

It’s a given no one truly thought to accept Nico Robin’s sobriquet as “Evil spirit Child” so in a real sense, however here we are. Robin has been needing a genuine catalyst for a long while, so it’s fitting that it would assume the presence of what the world has named her for her entire life. Moreover, Brook not stepping in to help Robin all through this whole scene is the thing that raises One Piece’s subject of “trust.”

Sanji shouted to Robin to save him in any case since he believed she could win a battle he proved unable, and Black Maria hates Robin for confiding in her group in any case. The way that Brook’s infamous “undies jokes” have been missing all through this whole battle is additionally a much needed refresher, permitting Robin’s Demonio Fleur to be just about as amazing and compromising as recommended.

The subtleties encompassing this new structure are hazy – it could be an aftereffect of Robin arousing her Hana-Hana Devil Fruit Powers, or her forces combining with Haki like Luffy’s Gear Four, yet we can’t say without a doubt. Notwithstanding, it’s an unnerving change, one we desire to see a greater amount of in the future for One Piece.


The Chapter is scheduled to release on the official platform of Viz and MangaPlus. While the One Piece Chapter 1022 spoilers will be released in a day or so.

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