One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit Part 3- Release Date

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July 5, 2022 7:00 PM

The One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit second volume in the lookback at the series such a long ways in anticipation of the last adventure fundamentally centers around the Yonko, particularly Shanks and Blackbeard.

One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 Further checks Kaido and Big Mom out. The manual likewise addresses the now-disbanded Shichibukai framework and its individuals, as well as the different blade grades in the series, and that’s just the beginning.

One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit Part 3

Leaks for One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit will start showing up from tomorrow. We will update them as they start arriving our way.

The Leak image of Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3 Cover High Quality

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One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit

Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3


》Hito Hito no Mi Mythological model “Nika”…!! This power with the name of a god overwhelmed even the “strongest creature” Kaidou. Will this strange power bring change to the world or…!?



●There is a part confirming that Zoan’s awakening don’t affect the surroundings but bring change to the body.

● It’s confirmed tho it was already obvious that the reason why there are ‘things’ that get Zoan powers is because the Zoan fruits have a ‘will’.

According to ivaannom:

“The way the “Awakening” manifested different from paramecias. The part below says that their body gets abnormaly strong and their own personalities gets, hm how should i say it, weak(?) thin(?) well that.”

One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit Part 3- Release Date


1. Yamato before being found out as a woman.

2. Here’a lively Martial Arts Onihime (Yamato). A three eyes one was also considered at a time.

3. Yamato had a mysterious aura and was a lot more feminine in this setting.

One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit Part 2 Recap

One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 starts with two pages specifying the fall of Kaido and Big Mom during the Onigashima Raid. One explicitly fascinating line referenced in these pages, “the New Generation storms in as a preface to the world’s breakdown,” is reasonable demonstrative of anything different Marines have been as of late referring to, something world-evolving.


The page likewise expressly subtleties how the fall of these two Yonko includes essentially every dynamic party in the political scene of the series. This incorporates the previous Shichibukai, the remaining Yonko, the Worst Generation, the Revolutionary Army, and the Marines. Whatever anticipates the Straw Hats past Wano seems to have the destiny of the world in danger.

The accompanying page includes a picture of the Gorosei at the top, with two lines of text under and to the side of their pictures. Said texts notice that the world’s balance can’t be kept up with everlastingly, and that the opportunity has arrived for an extraordinary purifying. The last line, specifically, references Im-sama’s presentation, where the Gorosei ask him what light ought to be next purified from the world.

The remainder of the page basically goes about as an outline of occasions that have occurred all over the planet during the Wano circular segment. One Piece Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 is by all accounts explicitly pointed toward interlacing every one of the world’s most recent accident for readers.

One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit


Accordingly, the page starts with the Reverie recap, enumerating the assault drove by Sabo to free Kuma from the Celestial Dragons. Be that as it may, as the page likewise examines, the arrangement appears to have turned out badly, with Sabo experiencing some obscure and heartbreaking destiny subsequently, in light of signs from characters in the series who have perused the news.

The page likewise examines the other Reverie-related occurrence, which includes the Kingdom of Alabasta. The specific subtleties are obscure, however three parts of the occasion that Big News Morgans declared were an endeavored death, a casualty, and the democratic outcomes. The lattermost point in all likelihood references a subject which was decided on at the Reverie.

The most probable subject is likewise examined on this page, that being the abrogation of the Shichibukai framework for pirates’ pirate. The point is said to have been raised by the Kings of Alabasta and Dressrosa, Cobra Nefertari and Riku Dold, individually, after both had their nations almost or completely taken over by a Shichibukai mishandling their power.


The page at last arrives at the end with the conversation of the loss of Big Mom and Kaido, and what the last’s misfortune explicitly means for the plans of the World Government. It’s reconfirmed that the Government was ready to go with Kaido’s Wano, and had plans to bring the disengaged country “powerless to resist them” until the unforeseen goal of the fight.


One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 then moves point of view to Shanks and Blackbeard, the two excess Yonko of the past age who have a set of experiences a lot more seasoned than their Yonko status. The page starts by itemizing Blackbeard’s endless journey for more power, which appears to have impacted his most recent takeoff from Fullalead.

The page additionally talks about his response to ongoing enormous news reports, addressing whether they’re essential for an intricate plan of his. They additionally underscore that he left Fullalead subsequent to perusing the fresh insight about the Reverie, maybe demonstrating some yet-obscure association between those occasions and his objectives.


The remainder of Blackbeard’s page once again introduces nine of his ten boat skippers, with the 10th one being a secret. In any case, this is doubtlessly Kuzan, the previous Admiral Aokiji, who joined the Blackbeard Pirates in the wake of surrendering from the Marines.

The following page of One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 spotlights on Shanks, starting by saying that ” a dormant lion takes calm actions to keep up with the world’s equilibrium.” It then features that he ordinarily appreciates seeing from the New World, yet can be compromising when pushed, as the Gorosei have noted. It likewise talks about how his activities have the ability to cause swells all through the world.


It go on by investigating what fans have as of late seen from Shanks, starting with his participation for the wedding of an obscure couple, close by his group. He’s then seen having his eye to eye with the Five Gorosei, where many fans conjecture he either talked about Luffy or Blackbeard with the gathering.

The page likewise reminds perusers that, while they might see him as Luffy’s companion and guide, he is a savage and risky pirate by his own doing. His taking of Eustass Kid’s arm and Bartolomeo’s whipping of his domain was in this manner raised, underlining that he can be perilous when incited.

At last, the page tends to the two’s well established history, returning to their more youthful days on their separate, incredible groups. The page curiously says that the scar Shanks has “ties his destiny” to Blackbeard’s, likewise underscoring that it was Blackbeard himself who gave him that scar.


SHANKS – A Dormant Lion Makes Quiet Moves To Maintain the World's Balance

— 𝑶𝑵𝑬 𝑷𝑰𝑬𝑪𝑬 𝑺𝑷𝑶𝑰𝑳𝑬𝑹 (@OP_NEWS2022) July 1, 2022


One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 then starts talking about the different swords and sword levels found in the series up to this point. It again stresses that the series’ named cutting edges are broken into three reviewed classes, those being the 12 Supreme Wazamono, the 21 Excellent Wazamono, and the 50 Fine Wazamono.

There are likewise ungraded sharp edges and cutting edges of an obscure grade in the series, which are additionally recorded here. Of specific note is Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri and Gol D. Roger’s Ace being essential for the 12 Supreme Wazamono, close by Mihawk’s Yoru and an obscure wielder’s Kitetsu I.

Virtually every edge involved by any critical person in the series through part 1053 is incorporated here, regardless of whether its name or grade is obscure. The page is unquestionably useful, however excessively thick as far as data to depict here as quickly as possibly. Enthusiasts of the series ought to absolutely look at One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2, regardless of whether just for this page.



— 𝑶𝑵𝑬 𝑷𝑰𝑬𝑪𝑬 𝑺𝑷𝑶𝑰𝑳𝑬𝑹 (@OP_NEWS2022) July 1, 2022


Subsequent to talking about the blades of the series, One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 then starts showing idea craftsmanship and representations for different characters. This part centers basically around Kaido’s team and Big Mom, showing different idea plans from Eiichiro Oda for each skipper and the significant individuals from Kaido’s group.

Kaido’s page sees different idea specialties of his cross breed structure, as well as the idea craft of his Conqueror’s Haki enacting. The following page subtleties different ideas for the Calamities, Jack the Drought, Queen the Plague, and King the Wildfire. Different idea craftsmanship for every one of the three should be visible here, yet something significant is their unique wanting to be known as the Face Cards, hence making sense of their names.

The page thusly shows idea craftsmanship for the Flying Six, displaying a significant number of them with various names, plans, Devil Fruits, and that’s just the beginning. Nothing exceptionally compelling is referenced here, yet the page is good to get a thought of might have been, as well as the advancement of the characters through different ideas.


At last, One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale volume 2 finishes with the idea specialty of Big Mom’s different potential Wano outfits. One especially fascinating goody here is a bother of what befell them upon the arrival of Rocks’ breakdown, with the message present appearing to demonstrate a potential clue tucked away among the issue’s idea expressions.

One Piece Road To Laugh Tale Reddit

Where To Read One Piece Road to Laugh Tale?

Manga One Piece can be read online free of charge and legitimately from sources, for example, Shonen Jump, Viz Media and MangaPlus Platforms.

One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Release Date

One Piece is going on a month-long break. Oda is taking this break to prepare for the last arc, and several other things that he needed to take care of. But you can read Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2 on 8thJuly 2022

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