One Piece: Relation between former Shichibukai and Yonko

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October 22, 2021 7:00 PM

Former Shichibukai and YonkoHello Mina san, today I was thinking all about Former shichibukai, Yonkos and also each one of their relationships. I know the warlords are one eminent allied force of Navy and have dominance all around the Grandline, but not in front of a Yonko and with latest news of the world government abolishing the system, the warlords have been stripped for their title. But still they all are on a whole lot superior level and they are so powerful that they can decimate any opponents. So I’m here with the list-

  1. Mihawk – The Hawk Eye hold the epithet of “The Greatest Swordsman in OP” and he has a very close relationship with Shanks, thus forming a Shichibukai and Yonko bond. They both used to be sparring partner before Shanks lost his good hand. They both also had each other’s Vivre card and can find each other anytime. There are several speculations of Mihawk being a crew member, but it’s still just a wild goose chase.
  1. Jinbe- Next in the line of relation between Shichibukai and Yonko, is Jinbe. He is a fishmen and is referred to as the “First son of the sea”. He got acquainted with Whitebeard when latter declared Fishman Island as his territory. After the demise of whitebeard in War of the Best, Jinbe became a crew member of big mom in exchange for protection and soon after the time skip in WCI Arc, he joined Straw-hats.
  1. Crocodile- Crocodile had a long time grudge against Whitebeard, as he once challenged him at his pinnacle and was defeated. At Marineford war he again tried to take Whitebeard’s head but was stopped. In later part of War, he sided with Whitebeard against the Navy HQ. Later it was revealed that jinbe after his title was stripped he joined Big Mom's crew and later on fought her on Sunny.
  1. Blackbeard- He was the former crewmate of Whitebeard before killing his own crewmate and jumping the ship. Later along with his crew, he killed Whitebeard and acquired his devil fruit. Blackbeard also has a deep history with Shanks. The Yonko has a score to settle with him. This fight is really hyped!!
  1. Edward Weevil- He is a self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard and along with his mother Miss Bakkin is out for searching Whitebeard’s fortune. Thus forming a family bond between former Shichibukai and Yonko.
  1. Bartholomew Kuma- Kuma’s relationship with any Yonko is unknown. He is a revolutionary and he was just seen fighting against Whitebeard’s crew in Marineford war.
  1. Boa Hancock- Same goes for Boa Hancock, Empress of Amazon Lilly. She just fought against Whitebeard in Marineford war.
  1. Buggy- Buggy the Clown has a deep history with Yonko. He met Whitebeard on Grand-line and also fought on no of occasions against Whitebeard when he was the part of Gol. D. Roger crew. Whitebeard also has acknowledged Buggy as a clown, when talking with shanks. Buggy and Shanks were best friends and quite often used to quarrel with each other about the smallest things. Shanks offered a position on his crew at Logue Town with later declining and laughed at the mere idea. Due to his brotherly relation with Shanks, this only earned him the shichibukai position. He's the one that has long Relations between Shichibukai and Yonko with Shanks. But for now he's on a run.
  1. Doflamingo – Doflamingo was connected with Kaido behind the screen, as he was affiliated to the underworld and used to supply Kaido with SMILES. With Don Quixote Family’s defeat, Kaido became furious.
  1. Trafalgar Law- For years Law has been scheming to take down Doflamingo and Kaido, so the position of warlord was just an act in his script. He has formed an alliance with Straw-hats in order to take down Kaido and right now he is in the Wano Kingdom.
  1. Gecko Moriah- Gecko Moriah once challenged Kaido along with his crew, but only to falter and get destroyed by beast pirates. In order to avenge the death of his crewmate, Moriah tried to form an army of zombies in order to defeat Kaido, but failed. The Straw-hats fouled his plan and defeated him. In the next stop Gecko Moriah joined the crew of Blackbeard, as Absalom was killed and he had no other options left, rather than joining.
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