One Piece chapter 1019 raw scans and leaks: Spoilers are finally out!!

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July 14, 2021 7:00 PM

One Piece chapter 1019 raw scans and leaks

Full summary of One Piece chapter 1019 raw scans and leaks, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

One Piece Chapter 1,019 raw scans and leaks: "Heliceratops".

In the Color Spread, the Straw Hat Pirates (with swimsuits and bikinis) are riding some whale sharks in the sea.

Chapter starts in the “Live Floor”, where Queen is shooting Sanji multiple beams. Sanji avoids them while smiling, then he thinks that Franky would've wanted Queen's technology.

Dr. Miyagi is preparing an injection to give Zoro their secret medicine. Minks are going to stab Zoro really hard to get through the bandages Sanji did. Zoro is freaking out (maybe he's afraid of needles or injections?).

At the Hearts Pirates' submarine, Law's nakamas finished pumping water out of Luffy. They are wondering now what medicine they should give him. Suddenly, Luffy shouts.

One Piece chapter 1019 raw scans and leaks: Spoilers are finally out!!

Luffy: "Meatttt~~~!!!!"

Heart Pirates: "Ehhh!!?"

Cut now to right tower inside the “Skull Dome”. We can see that the Gifters from Armored Division are fighting now against Sasaki's subordinates. They will help Franky while he fights against Sasaki in a 1 Vs. 1 battle.

Sasaki tells Franky that his robot is very tough, Franky returns the compliment by telling him that he too is tougher than he thought. Sasaki decides to change to his hybrid form.

Sasaki keeps the Triceratops' head but he recovers his mane. The top of his body is very similar to his body in human form (with tattoos, belly, long arms ...) but with dinosaur skin. And the bottom of his body keeps the hind legs and the tail of the animal form. He also has the V scar that Franky made on his stomach.

Sasaki draws his sword, it has some small blades along the sword that place now horizontally. Then the small blades begin to spin, causing the sword to transform into a kind of drill. The sword name is “Karakuri Rasentou” (Mechanical Spiral Sword).

Sasaki raises his head and looks up, suddenly the frill bone of his Triceratops head begins to rotate on his neck at high speed. This causes Sasaki to fly thanks to the fact that the frill bone acts like helicopter's propellers. Franky is amazed.

Franky: "How the hell a dinosaur manages to do something like that!!?"

Sasaki: "It's what Triceratops can normally do."

Sasaki uses a new attack called “Heliceratops” (ヘリケラトプス) to take care of the Gifters from Armored Division. He then attacks Franky with spinning frill bone and his sword. Franky deflects the attack with some problems.

Sasaki lands on the ground and stands in front of Franky Shougun, who is putting his sword away and preparing to protect himself. Sasaki is going to propel himself towards him at high speed thanks to his spinning frill bone, but he makes a mistake and instead of propelling himself forward, he does backwards. There is a silence, then Sasaki says that he did it intentionally to get a good distance for charging.

Sasaki charges at Franky Shougun with a new attack called “Tamaceratops” (弾丸ケラトプス - Bulletceratops). The attack is so strong that the rocket launchers on Franky Shougun's left shoulder explode. Franky Shougun grabs Sasaki and throws him using the attack “General Suplex” (将軍スープレックス), smashing him in the ground.

Franky notices that his blade leaves some wounds at Sasaki's belly so he thinks that part must be his weak point. Franky Shougun then takes out his “Franken” (フラン剣) sword and attacks Sasaki with “Shouri no V Flash” (勝利のⅤ(ブイ)フラッシュ). However, Sasaki manages to dodge it by flying into the sky.

Franky Shougun engages in a swordfight with Sasaki. Franky is inexperienced with swordfights, so it's Sasaki who takes the lead and ends up breaking Franken sword.

Given the situation, Franky runs away to charge his next attack. Sasaki chases him and attacks him again with his “Tamaceratops”. However, Franky finished charging in time to attack him earlier with “General Cannon” (将軍 砲). The attack hits Sasaki and blows him up into the air. Sasaki coughs up blood, but he still doesn't give up and counterattacks.

Sasaki flies down and crashes on Franky Shougun using a new attack called “Magnumceratops” (マグナムケラトプス). The impact is so powerful that Sasaki manages to destroy part of the Franky Shougun. However, Franky ejects himself out of the robot in time, catching Sasaki by surprise. Franky, lying on the ground, attacks Sasaki with his “Franky Radical Beam” that hits and pierces Sasaki's belly. Franky is exhausted, Sasaki falls to the ground with his eyes rolled and bleeding from his mouth...

Cut to the top of Onigashima's dome, Kaidou (in hybrid form) is fighting Yamato (we only see how they clash their kanabo in 1 panel). They talk while they fight.

Kaidou: "Yamato, I recognize you are a strong fighter! Although I didn't plan for you to eat that devil fruit which I obtained with great difficulty!!"

Yamato: "I ate the fruit because I was hungry!! I wanted to go to sea, but because of this I am now unable to swim!!"

We can see part of Yamato's face in hybrid form. Yamato has a snout and sharp teeth.

Yamato: "I've tried to kill you countless times, but you've always defeated me!! However, thanks to all those defeats, I've become stronger!!!"

Last page of the chapter, we finally see Yamato's hybrid form (it's beautiful). In addition to the above, we see that Yamato has pointed long ears and two horns that come out of Yamato's forehead (they look the same from normal form but changed places). It seems that Yamato's body has hair, the hands are big and look like claws and the legs are like animal legs. We finally see fire around Yamato's body and hair (similar to the smoke that Luffy has around his body when he uses Gear 4), even some of that fire comes out of elbows and knees.

We don't know the exact name of Yamato's devil fruit. Maybe it's the Byakko model or Kirin model (or something else). Yamato continues.

Yamato: "There's a reason that I didn't leave this place, other than that handcuff!! If I don't fight for this country, I have no right to call myself “Oden”!!!"

End of One Piece One Piece chapter 1019 raw scans and leaks


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