One Piece Episode 962 Summary Synopsis Spoilers-Kozuki Oden at last meets the Whitebeard Pirates

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February 12, 2021 6:00 PM

One Piece Episode 962 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 962 is the most recent portion in the anime arrangement to come out. It will at long last show Kozuki Oden meeting the Whitebeard Pirates and afterward going out with Gol D Roger to locate the One Piece treasure.

The full rundown and summary for the anime storyline are additionally out which depicts the occasions in detail. Here are more subtleties on the One Piece Episode 962 rundown, summation, spoilers, delivery date, time and approaches to stream the anime on the web.

One Piece Episode 962 spoilers

One Piece Episode 962 Title: "Changing Fate – The Shirohige Kaizoku-dan Drift Ashore!"

One Piece Episode 962 Spoilers Summary Synopsis

41 years prior. The samurai, Kouzuki Oden, who was making a great deal of commotion in Wano, had a wide heart, and the individuals who longed for him started to assemble around him consistently. Then, Oden walks alone in Kuri, a rebellious region known as the "disease" of Wano Kuni to battle against the most grounded Monster of Kuri, Ashura Douji.

When Kin'emon and others hurried to back Oden, he had just vanquished Ashura Douji, and chose to make Kuri as his old neighborhood/hometurf. He was subsequently given the title of " Daimyo" of Kuri by his confined/irritated dad, at that point Shogun, Kouzuki Sukiyaki. 6 years have passed from that point forward.

In the expanses of the world, the remainders of the amazing privateer bunch "Rock's Pirates", which were said to have been annihilated, accumulated new teams and bit by bit extended their force. Furthermore, a portion of those individuals were washed at Kuri in Wano Kuni.

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One Piece Episode 962 Release Date, Time and Watch Anime Online

One Piece Episode 962 delivery date is set as Sunday, February 14 and the scene will air at 9:30 am in nearby Japanese time. One Piece Episode 962 can be watch on the web or gushed on the accompanying stages.





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