One Piece episode 957: How Former Schibukai's will deal with the situation?

Manta Ray
January 11, 2021 6:00 PM

After an epic One Piece episode 957, that literally cover every norms of the ongoing battlefield, spilled few more interesting spoilers and kept the viewers guessing for what might come next for them in One Piece episode.

One Piece Episode 957: Change of Scenario

 Well, as a matter of fact the last episode actually covered all the basic norms of the situation and the story is going quite smooth. With Warlords sitting calmly in their headquarters patiently waiting for the marines to show up at their doorstep and waiting for the things to get under and they show the marines, their powers and showcase their true strength, for what they actually were made warlords in the first place.

A little more insight of what's going on in the One Piece Universe, alongside this brutal war. As we last saw that the Schibukai system was abolished and the former warlords are now being pursued by the Marines. So a little more insight on this issue would be quite beneficial. So here a question arises-

How Former Schibukai's will deal with the situation of abolished titles?

In last One Piece episode 957, the warlord system was abolished. The active members at the time of abolishment were Mihawk, Kuma, Boa Hancock, Weevil and Buggy.

Well as a matter of fact, there is no need to worry about the Warlords. As Boa Hancock mentioned that the Marines forgot that they are strong enough to defend themselves, and this was the first reason all together that made the world government offered them the position of Schibukai itself.   As she was seen in that chapter, sitting on her throne and directing her Kuja Pirates.

So it's quite evident that every member of Warlords are damn strong (Even Buggy was a powerful warlord and is still capable of defending himself). The One Piece 1000 raw, might shed some light on the proceedings of this major turn of events. Let's see one by one what they'll do in this odd hour. Weevil is a self proclaimed son of Whitebeard, and is quite strong. He was on a mission of searching Whitebeard Pirates, so it's quite possible that he might too end up in Wano. Well for now Mrs Baakin is having better of his son.

Boa Hancock has already stated her intention and is in no mood to back down. While Kuma is still used by the Saint Charlos and Sabo might have already caused some damage there, which is yet have to come in light.

Buggy is on a run and is more likely that he might have to notch up a Deception, in order to misguide the Marines. And as for Mihawk, well My Man, is just sitting in his castle waiting for the marines to come by and give him a fight. As he stated earlier that it's been a while that he had been chased by people and is thrilled for upcoming battle. There are certain theories that Mihawk now has nothing to do and he might go on to join the crew of Shanks, but given the personality of Mihawk and his one man showmanship, is what that makes him different.

One Piece episode 958: Release Date

One Piece episode 957 is scheduled to come by next week, as scheduled. You can watch the episode on Kissanime

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