One Piece Episode 1015 Review: Twitter Erupts with Surreal Animation and Plot.

Manta Ray
April 23, 2022 7:00 PM

One Piece Episode 1015 has overwhelmed the internet. The much-anticipated episode was delivered on Sunday, April 24 and netizens have gone crazy over it.

Inside only hours of its debut, aficionados of the anime series started moving ‘One Piece’ on Twitter, consequently communicating their publicity for ‘rooftop piece’ and hailing the most recent episode as ‘verifiable’ and ‘great’.

One Piece Episode 1015

Great Animation and Plot

A flood of users took to the Twitter contributing to a blog website to share bits from the episode wherein Monkey D Luffy pronounces he will end up being the following King if the Pirates.

It would put things daintily to say One Piece just given a test to the whole anime industry. After over twenty years on air, the show has confronted reactions of being excessively smug or inadequately done.

A large number of those scrutinizes have been corrected during the Wano adventure, and this week, One Piece reminded the being a fan what it can do when it ventured out with One Piece episode 1015.

As you can find in the slides underneath, the new episode of One Piece is an unquestionable requirement watch regardless of whether you like the show.

Chief Megumi Ishitani carried their skillful ability to a peak with their craft in this episode.

One Piece Episode 1015 Twitter Reactions


The promotion of ‘Rooftop piece’ wasn’t forgotten as many utilized the hashtag to survey One Piece Episode 1015. “so honored. so moved. so appreciative. can’t completely accept that this is my life. never going to underestimate it. continuously going to offer in return. much thanks one piece.

In the interim, fans likewise pronounced One Piece makers as ‘virtuoso’ for delivering the anime show week by week with overjoyed heading and visuals.

The fan said, “It is unimaginable that this scene is in a week after week anime. The coordinating in this scene is unadulterated virtuoso.

Many individuals were stressed over how Ms. Ishitani would adjust the flashback scenes. She totally nailed it. It is a wonder of coordinating.

You can watch the One Piece Episode 1015 on Crunchyroll.

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