One Piece: Character Who Wields A Supreme Grade Weapon in the series

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December 8, 2021 6:00 PM

The valuable Supreme Grade weapon in the One Piece series are an extraordinariness a couple of characters employ.

Incomparable Grade sharp blades, otherwise called SaijĹŤ ĹŚ Wazamono blade, are the 12 most valued cutting edges in the One Piece world. Among every one of the current sharp edges on the planet, they are supposed to be the most awesome, with state of the art like no other.

Every Supreme Grade Weapon inside this list has staggering sturdiness alongside the capacity to slice through almost everything, as seen on a few events of them being utilized in the story. Albeit exceptionally restricted in number in One Piece, fans have seen what the Supreme Grade blades are fit for in possession of their skilled users.


One Piece: Character Who Wields A Supreme Grade Weapon in the series

Dracule Mihawk is the World’s Strongest Swordsman in One Piece and one of a handful of the most powerful men in the whole story. Known to have ascended to the top at a young age, Mihawk ultimately got his hands on Yoru, a dark edge. Being a dark edge, Yoru is adamant and wouldn’t twist an inch regardless of whether a dinosaur stepped on it.

In Mihawk’s control, Yoru which is a Supreme Grade weapon, turns into a deadly weapon, as seen during the Paramount War circular segment.

Simply a relaxed slice from the edge was adequately incredible to cut through a vast ice shelf without hardly lifting a finger.

During his first battle against Zoro, Mihawk could undoubtedly have killed him with Yoru had he wished thus. However, the assurance of the young fighter dazzled him enough to allow him to live.


One of the previous Yonko, Whitebeard, was the wielder of the popular Murakumogiri, which is a Supreme Grade weapon. A blade known to be one of the 12 Supreme Grade blades in One Piece.

It is obscure when precisely Whitebeard got his hands on this weapon, notwithstanding, during his experience with the Rocks Pirates, he previously had a Naginata.

When Whitebeard battled Roger in the Grand Line, he utilised this weapon by saturating it with both Armament and Conqueror’s Haki. In Marineford, this weapon was used for most of his strategies.

Alongside Haki, Whitebeard could likewise saturate it with the force of the Gura no Mi and channel it through the naginata, making him a much more hazardous contender than he previously was.


The Kitetsu blades were fashioned by some incredible swordsmiths of Wano, two of which are Kotetsu, the one who manufactured the Nidai Kitetsu, and Tenguyama Hitetsu, the one who produced the Sandai Kitetsu.

The maker of the Shodai Kitetsu is presently not known, be that as it may, out of all the Kitetsu cutting edges, the Shodai Kitetsu is known to be the most powerful by a wide margin as it is one of the Supreme Grade Weapons. All the Kitetsu sharp edges are known to be cursed, and they hunger for blood for reasons unknown.

It is additionally accepted that they carry an appalling demise to their proprietors, as a rule, making them exceptionally difficult. Albeit not affirmed at this point, it is effortless to tell that the Shodai Kitetsu is employed by, as a matter of fact, the uncovered Gorosei of the World Government.

His huge sharp edge looks precisely like Zoro’s Sandai Kitetsu and the Nidai Kitetsu in Hitetsu’s ownership. How great he is with the sword is not yet clear; however, he’s probably going to be among the absolute best fighters in the realm of One Piece.


Gol D. Roger is the best-known pirate throughout the entire existence of One Piece to date and the man renowned as the Pirate King.

However, Roger didn’t simply conquer the Grand Line by arriving at Laugh Tale; he was incredibly unique as well. In battle, Roger was known to be adequately incredible to annihilate armed forces without any help, as referenced by Garp.

He was likewise a magnificent contender, with Whitebeard being the leading man alive known to have attached a battle with him, although it should be noticed that Roger himself was sick.

To coordinate to different greats of the One Piece world, Roger used one of the Supreme Grade Weapon called Ace. This blade was utilized in his battle against both Kozuki Oden and, afterwards, Whitebeard.

For the most part, Roger used it to channel both Armament Haki and Conqueror’s Haki to fortify his assaults. When he battled Oden, Roger utilized Ace to dispatch a flood of Conqueror’s Haki towards him and against Whitebeard. He used his Conqueror’s Haki to coordinate the assault posted by Whitebeard.


One Piece: Character Who Wields A Supreme Grade Weapon in the series

Shanks is another Yonko of the One Piece world and a staggeringly excellent pirate. With an abundance of 4,048,900,000 berries, Shanks is similarly just about as solid as the other Yonko in the story.

He dueled Mihawk on incalculable events during his initial life and procured extraordinary notoriety for himself. Shanks is, as of now, possessing a sabre called Griffin.

Albeit the sword isn’t affirmed to be one of the Supreme Grade Weapon, it probably has a place with the position also, considering that any semblance of Roger and Whitebeard had Supreme Grade sharp edges too.

In the impending Arcs, fans will probably see more spotlight on Shanks and how he utilizes Griffin in battle.


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