One Piece Chapter 997 spoilers: Chopper in Action

Manta Ray
November 25, 2020 6:00 PM

"One Piece Chapter 997 spoilers Zoro is keen to urge the antidote from Apoo to cure the virus, called the Plague, which All-Star Queen created. Sadly, the new teaser also showed Sanji would be captured by the Tobi Roppo member, Black Maria.

  • Zoro will see Kiku's severed arm falling from the sky while running after Apoo. The Pirate Hunter gets furious after seeing the forelimb that creates his wanting to finish everything at the banquet hall.
  • With this anger, Zoro has successfully taken down Apoo, per Inquisitr. So, he now takes hold of the antidote. Now, it's up to Chopper to form a movement to save lots of those that are infected.
  • Chopper quickly learns how the Queen created the virus. He then promises to form a remedy out of it to cure everyone.
  • However, upon learning the boater Pirates' move, All-Star will attempt to stop Chopper and should even kill him. Luckily, Zoro will defend his ally from the evil Beast Pirates.
  • Elsewhere, the enemy will successfully catch Sanji as he escorts Luffy to the dome. Sure, the Black Leg may have developed immense strength within the past years, but seeing beautiful women remains to be his weakness. So, fans are close to seeing Sanji being seduced by Black Maria.
  • In addition One Piece Chapter 997 spoilers, a variety of Shinichi is heading their thanks to the fourth floor, while Luffy is climbing instead through the trail made by the samurai.
  • There will even be an earthquake in One Piece Chapter 997 spoilers, but nobody knows where it's coming from. In fact, consistent with BlockToro, Brook even mistakes it as Zoro's Ambition.
  • Marco will then ask Zoro and Robin if he can help them.
  • Yamato also will say something a few dragon flames what is going to make the entire island shake. Does this have something to try to to with the mysterious earthquake
  • Lastly, Kaidou will surround the island with a cloud which will take Onigashima to the Capital of Flowers.

One Piece Chapter 997 release date One Piece Chapter 997 is about to be out on Sunday, Nov. 29. Fans can read it for free of charge on Viz Media, Shonen Jum, and MangaPlus' official websites and platforms. Fans also are advised to read One Piece Chapter 997 on official platforms to assist support manga creators and everybody who is functioning behind the scenes."

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