One Piece Chapter 997 : Franky and Robin's powerup

Manta Ray
November 25, 2020 6:00 PM

One Piece Chapter 997The One Piece Chapter 997 is just across the corner and the fight between the likes of beast pirates against Luffy and his allies is reaching a new climax. But today i'm here to talk about certain members of Straw hats who can change the battle field any given day, if they have a major powerup.Franky-dono and Robin-dono are two prime characters and part of the main crew of the Strawhats. It’s been so long since they were introduced in the series and joined the crew, proving their worth every now and then.Franky is the shipwright of the crew and for straw hats, after the sad demise of Going Merry built an incomparable ship called “The Thousand Sunny”. Franky is the one who looks after all the repair works and maintenance that sunny requires. While Robin has proved her potential, being as the only person in the entire world who is capable of reading the ancient language of poneglyphs, and she has done a perfect job so far now deciphering the code of poneglyphs.

Franky One Piece

Despite no having the power of Haki, there is still no stopping of Franky. Since he was introduced he has been portrayed as the character who is fearless and doesn't give any accolades to his opponent. In recent chapters he ran over big mom and when Nami screamed in panic that the Yonko would retaliate back, but Franky assured her and stood up to her.But the main question arises here is how strong they really are. Both these characters, when joined the crew, were immensely strong, they even held their ground against the member of straw hats and had more force behind their bite.Luffy was taken out by Franky in their battle while robin in her first major appearance, easily was immobilized the entire Straw hats.But since then things really haven’t worked well for both of them. Even after the time skip both of them didn’t look that promising like the others. Now, the most important point, despite having required skills and experience under their belt they still haven’t been able to show any sign that they have learned to use Haki.

One Piece Chapter 997

Even Usopp showed signs that he could use Observation Haki. The Monster trio already knows how to use Haki, so it is really high time now for them to learn Haki and come in handy in battles.Truly speaking if both are able to learn how to use Bushoku Haki they would certainly be unstoppable. One Piece Chapter 997Just imagine Cien-Fleur infused with Haki and Franky’s entire body painted in Haki! Damn! This would be one hell of a moment.

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