One Piece Chapter 1080 Showcases Perona and Gecko Moria

One Piece 1080 marked the return of several important characters and familiar faces. Among these were Garp, Koby, and Blackbeard, and also Helmeppo and the SWORD members.

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April 11, 2023 2:40 PM

The upcoming chapter of One Piece 1080 marked the return of Perona and Gecko Moria, two characters that fans had been waiting to see in the series. They both have a big impact on Luffy's arc.

The chapter was packed with action and revealed the reason behind Koby's abduction by Blackbeard. It also gave fans a glimpse into the workings of SWORD and Blackbeard's pirates.

Perona In Enemy's Territory

Interestingly, Perona made her comeback after she had been away for over a hundred chapters. She began cooperating with Zoro on Kuraigana Island, and the two developed a close friendship despite their initial quarrels.

But when she learned that Moria was alive, she quickly left Mihawk's castle and set off in search of him. After all, she had risked her life to save him.

As fans know, Gecko Moria was once a member of the Gecko Pirates, but she and her crew were defeated by the Beast Pirates many years ago. This incident led him to gathering a horde of zombies in the Thriller Bark.

Luffy, Zoro and Sanji's shadows were stolen by Moria to create a massive army of zombies, but the Mysterious Four fought back to destroy them all. They also gathered Absalom, Perona, Hogback and Victoria Cindry to help them

Gecko Moria Entrapped

One Piece 1080 marked the return of Perona and Gecko Moria. Both characters were imprisoned on Fullalead Island by Blackbeard after Moria's previous crew was killed off in battle.

However, Perona was able to rescue her in the end. She also helped Koby escape from prison in exchange for his assistance in freeing Gecko Moria, who was imprisoned there as well.

Now, Koby is being pursued by the Blackbeard Pirates on Fullalead Island. It turns out that he managed to escape Hachinosu’s prison thanks to Perona, who snuck on the island and tricked Blackbeard into offering her a chance to help him free Moria.

In the end, Perona freed Koby and he is now a famous hero who has a bounty worth 500 million berries. He is now a Cross Guild hero, and has been given the rank of “5 Star.”

In addition to Garp, Koby, and Blackbeard, the SWORD members made their return to the story as well. This time, fans got to see several new members of the SWORD as they all showed off their Devil Fruit powers.

One Piece 1080 marked the return of Perona and Gecko Moria, two characters who have been major protagonists in previous arcs. The two were reunited in a very satisfying way, which is something that the One Piece author Eiichiro Oda is known for.

One of the reasons why One Piece is so popular is its ability to bring back characters that fans have grown to love and connect them with other characters. During One Piece chapter 1080, we saw Perona, an old friend of Mihawk, risk her life to rescue Moria from the clutches of the Blackbeard Pirates.

It was very touching to see how much she cared for him, even sacrificing her own safety to save him. Moreover, she also had a heart for others, which was shown when she tearfully thanked Mihawk for letting her stay on his island.

However, when she learned that Moria was alive again, Perona decided to leave her island, leaving Mihawk in a state of grief. This demonstrates the true character of Perona, who is truly a hero.


When One Piece 1080 released, fans were excited to see the return of both Perona and Gecko Moria. After all, these two Shichibukai were mentioned for a while in the series as potential Luffy allies.

After the war with Kaido, it was revealed that Moriah had become a weakling and lost his will to fight. As a result, he began relying on zombies to keep him alive.

During his time as a member of Thriller Bark, Moriah exploited the shadows he stole with his Devil Fruit abilities to create zombies and abduct victims. He was also aided by Absalom and Hogback, both of whom he sincerely cared about.

However, after the Paramount War, Moriah had a change of heart and started to genuinely care for Absalom. He even forced his way on to Fullalead in search of him. When he learned that Absalom had been killed, Moriah was extremely angry.

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