One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers: The Connection Of MADS and Rocks Pirates

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January 18, 2023 6:00 PM

One Piece chapter 1072 spoilers have been delivered consistently over time, carrying with them invigorating and charming new turns of events and data. Some of it is revolved around CP0’s Stussy, who has her Fiend Natural product uncovered, but on the other hand is apparently a backstabber to CP0 and a partner to Dr. Vegapunk.

Stussy’s starting points, as uncovered in One Piece section 1072, are without a doubt the most charming part of her personality as examined in the issue. While many thought her to be the fifth individual from the MADS bunch, it was really uncovered that she’s a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, a previous individual from the Stones pirates.

In any case, there may as yet be a secret association between the Stones Privateers and MADS which, as it were, paints Stussy as that fifth MADS part.


The initial lines of One Piece part 1072 spoilers see Dr. Vegapunk monologuing about an obscure lady. He says that regardless of whether “the world doesn’t acknowledge it,” he sees “her” as a “genuine human,” later referring to this puzzling lady as “this examination.”

Toward the finish of the issue, obviously he’s referring to Stussy as the CP0 specialist, who is a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy of the Stones Privateers. While this invigorated and charmed fans, it likewise accompanied a hint of frustration for its evident disconfirmation of the fan hypothesis which denoted her as the fifth individual from MADS.

Nonetheless, One Piece part 1072 might be uncovering that, as it were, CP0’s Stussy is the fifth individual from MADS. Given Dr. Vegapunk’s monolog as portrayed above, it brings up the issue of how the great specialist had the option to draw near to the point of Missing Buckingham Stussy to get sufficient DNA to clone her from. Moreover, it’s improbable that the whole cycle would have been managed without her knowing.

Besides, Dr. Vegapunk appears to have a wistful connection to Stussy the clone in view of his monolog. He explicitly says that he sees her as a “real human,” and infers that he’ll be close by and support her regardless of whether everything and everyone opposes her. Such a connection recommends that he was inconceivably amicable with the first Miss Buckingham Stussy.

Expecting Dr. Vegapunk was never a privateer, which is by all accounts the case, then, at that point, the main way he might have been so firmly connected with Miss Buckingham Stussy is through MADS. This would make her the puzzling fifth part and make sense of precisely how Dr. Vegapunk made CP0’s Stussy, the clone of Miss Buckingham, as well as why he thinks often such a huge amount about her.

In summation

Similarly, this would imply that CP0’s Stussy is to be sure the fifth individual from the MADS ban science bunch, according to a specific point of view. Hereditarily talking, she would be the specific match of Miss Buckingham Stussy, the real fifth individual from MADS. While this may not be a palatable end to the fan-most loved fan-hypothesis for nearly, One Piece part 1072’s uncover essentially gives fans down access the most ideal way conceivable.

Who Are the Rocks Pirates?

During the first half of the twentieth century, Rocks Pirates were the most dangerous pirate crew in the world. They were known for their ruthlessness and their ability to kill crew members and friends alike. This group of pirates ruled the seas until 38 years before the current storyline.

The group of pirates was led by Rocks, a powerful pirate with great ambition. He was also the most powerful pirate of his time. However, he did not fully fulfill his ambition. Instead, he died without ever reaching his goal.

Other members of the Rocks crew included Linlin, Ochoku, Shiki, Shakky, Big Mom, and Whitebeard. There is a lot more about these characters than what is portrayed in the One Piece series. You can find out more about them in the books, movies, and video games.

When the Rocks Pirates first formed, they gathered on the pirate island of Hachinosu. After founding the group, Rocks and his crew became known for their ruthlessness and killing other pirates. Their crew was violent and had a number of literal monsters. While they were considered to be the most feared pirates of their time, they were also extremely selfish with their treasures. Eventually, the crew went underground and killed crew members on a regular basis.

As the Rocks Pirates grew stronger, they clashed with an alliance of pirates led by Roger and Monkey D. Garp. However, despite these conflicts, the Rocks crew were never defeated.

Eventually, the group splintered and became a new crew led by Edward Newgate. It is unknown what exactly happened to the crew after the split. However, it is likely that they were very strong. Several years after the split, they were renamed to the "Whitebeard" crew.

After the disbandment of the Rocks Pirates, Edward Newgate was the one who recruited a new crew. After the split, these pirates were among the most powerful in the world. A year after the disbandment of the crew, Blackbeard was born. His ship was named the "Saber of Xebec." Eventually, Blackbeard became one of the most famous pirates of all time.

Before the events of the One Piece series, it is not known if the original Rocks crew still had Devil Fruit powers. If they did, it is possible that Kaido was still a member of the Rocks crew. In fact, he may have still had the powers after he was turned into a general zombie. But it is unlikely that he was the real Silver Axe, as it was never revealed if he was the real name of the character.

Although the Rocks Pirates were never defeated by the World Government, they are known for their brutality. Several Marines struggled to defeat them. For a while, they were almost invincible. Once the World Government uncovered their achievements, they sent Admirals to combat them.

Ultimately, the only person who knows the true strength of the Rocks Pirates is their leader. Though there are many theories about this character, the truth is that he is probably the most powerful pirate in the world.

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