One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans, Spoilers Reddit and Summary

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Is the weapon that destroyed Luslasia kingdom possibly Uranus? As things are right now, Uranus should be a weapon connected to the sky. Sounds kinda like the things that was described in the chapter 1060. At this point it would not be surprising if at least one of the ancient weapons would be in the World Government's hands and for that we would find more in the One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans.

One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans

The One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans are here-


Rough translation Thanks to reddit user Specialist_Cycle8308Chapter Title: Egghead, Island of the FuturePage 1Luffy: Who’s that? She came out of the ocean!Bonny: Cough cough ughBonny: Who!? I’m safe… wait where’s the monster!?Bonny: It’s still there below!! Look down!!Nami: Good, she seems ok!Zoro: Oi, where are Luffy and the others going??Franky: The kid is shouting something!Sanji: She said look down!Page 2Crew: ahhhhhhhh!! There’s something down below!!!” “That thing is scary run!!!!Page 3Crew: ahhhZoro: Shark!? But it’s too big and it’s metal?Crew: Grab onto something we’re about to land!Jinbei: Shit, Luffy and them fell in to the water. This is bad!Jinbei: Franky, take care of the helm and bring the ship to where we are gonna beFranky: You got it!Page 4Crew ahhhhh “Shipbottom!!”“Escape!”Shark robot boom!!Page 5Crew: whoaaaa what is that?Franky: Shit, we are all gonna fall!Sanji: Robin chaan, Nami saaaan!!Page 6Jinbei: Luffy, Chopper, don’t worry I’m here! What was the sound of explosives?Jinbei: The waves are too strong. It’s gonna be hard to navigate the ship like this“Huh?”Page 7Jinbei: cannon!? We’re gonna dive into the ocean everyone hold your breath!!Luffy/Bonney/chopper all taking a deep breath Boom!!!!!Ship crew: The calm is too fast we can’t get back up like this!Shark robot: “hungry tongue sound”Page 8Shark robot “!!?”Boom!! Another Franky like robot smashes The sharkPage 9A nearby island, marine base G14Tashigi: Everyone it’s time for tea! Do your best!Kids: We are only drinking this because you say so. Ewww yuck!! Gross!!Big girl: I think we’ve gotten a lot smaller!Tashigi: I agree mocha good job!!G-14 Vice Admiral "Doll": Tashigi got a sec? Can you do something about that shitty brat helmeppo?Tashigi: i don’t think I can do anything like that… Koby is his best friend and even for me is a Kohai (younger student)Page 10Helmeppo: I beg you guys please!! Aren’t we on the same side?Marine captain Hibari: I beg you too! Coby has done alot to help me too! (she is speaking very weird Japanese lol)Helmeppo: Please take me to the pirate island too “prince”!!Hibari please prince!!(This new sword is whatever rank is below vice admiral in English, Prince Gurus is his name)Prince: We are talking about pirate island here! Blackbeards home base!! If we poke at them all the pirates will come out like bees!!Helmeppo: We are close to egghead island.. can we please bring out the seraphim…Prince: Both of you calm down for a second.. we can’t even get a hold of Drake right now.. you guys need to understand we can’t do anything right now! 11

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans: Luffy’s group

Bonny: You guys don’t know who I am? I’m called one of the worst generation like you! Our names were side by side and I was at shabody 2 years ago too!Luffy: ohhh your WG(worst generation) too?Bonney: I’m Bonney… I’m an enemy remember that..: but thank you for saving me…Luffy: don’t worry about it Bogey!”Luffy: ahh that’s cold!Bonney: what was up with your wanted poster anyways? We thought your hair turned white and the newspaper was making a fuss about it tooLuffy: ahh yah that’s how I look when I’m free!((I can’t see top left bubble bc of watermark))Luffy: but hey it worked out right?Bonney: and Jinbei is with you too….Page 12Jinbei: What happened to your ship and crew?Bonney: I came here by my self, tho my ship was eaten by that metal monster, I’m getting hungry..Luffy: let’s find a restaurant! I’m hungry tooChopper: Luffy, you have money?Bonney: hey idiots there is no restaurant here this is a governments island… Fine I’ll tel youBonney: This is egghead island, they call it the island 500 years in the future, vegapunks lab islandLuffy: Vegapunk!!??? I know that name!Bonney: I’m here because I have business with him!Page 13Don!Franky: giant..giant…Usopp: robot!!!Girl: ughhh failure again.. why is it that I can’t control a beings “lust”Sanji: someone’s coming out!Page 14Girl: ahh this is troublesomeFranky: I don’t know who you are but thank you. you saved us!Girl: what I told the mecha shark was observe, report and shoot fire, if he eats them we won’t have the gold left… a program mistake on my part…Girl: anyways.. who said I was gonna save you pirates..!! I’m hired by the government.:: Dr Vegapunk!!!(Note that the way her speech is spelled out in Japanese is that of an old man)NEXT WEEK BREAK[caption id="attachment_15929" align="alignnone" width="1640"]

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1061 Raw Scans: Vegapunk[/caption]

One Piece Chapter 1060 Recap

The title of the chapter is- "Luffy's Dream"The chapter opens up with Robin reading news of Sabo, the death of Cobra and the missing report of Vivi to Strawhats. Luffy is really mad at the news and he wants to set course to find about Vivi. He also doesn't belive in the news of Sabo killing Cobra.The rest of the strawhats also chip in. Though Zoro stops Luffy in his track. Nami, Chopper, Sanji and Luffy all call names to Zoro.Franky, Brook and Jinbe who haven't met with Vivi or others but had showed reactions to the news. Luffy also narrates his dream to the strawhats who are taken aback by his it. It's about something that he would do after becoming the king of the pirates. Only handful people know about his dream like Sabo and Ace, Shanks, Rayleigh and now the strawhats.

Imu-sama Appears

The scene cuts to Ini sama who is having a conversation with Five elders in the throne room. They discuss about Sabo and his whereabouts. Meanwhile they found out that Sabo is in the kingdom of Luslasia which rebelled few days ago.Sabo told Dragon that he did not killed Cobra. Also he reveals that he saw someone sitting at the throne of world, and just after that the Kingdom of Luslasia was destroyed by a big bomb.Somewhere else, the strawhats are heading towards a island and and are caught up in a storm. They find a unknown girl in the sea and rescues her. They found out that the girls is Jewelry Bonnet, one of the member of worst generation. She has a bounty of 320 million berries.

One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1061 Release Date.

According to reports the One Piece Chapter 1061 is all set to release on 23th Sept 2022. Stay tuned with us.

Where To Read One Piece?

Manga One Piece can be read online free of charge and legitimately from sources, for example, Shonen Jump, Viz Media and Bilibili comics download

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